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There are now so a lot of weblogs and web sites devoted to discuss the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi. While it probably created feeling to have a website to collect hyperlinks in the course of the 1st weeks after the Bologna-demonstration, there are now other folks that do the comparable point better.

So I will for now stop placing up back links right here, and instead just comply with the discussions on

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There will be a lot speculation going on about the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi, at least in the blogosphere, and at minimum till October-November when the promised electrical power-plant, and Defkalion Green Technologies is to be introduced to the marketplace. Quickly we all will see whether or not this truly is a&nbspscam or a revolution!&nbsp
I really feel that I can´t wait.

On the a single hand, &nbspit seems extremely not likely that it is a rip-off.&nbsp
As explained prior to, there are several notable scientists concerned, Sergio Focardi is only one of them, who appear to believe in that the system functions and there seems to be no purpose for all of them to danger their careers.&nbsp

The board registration of Defkalion looks to be actual, though I don´t go through Greek quite well…or not at all, to be honest.
Andrea Rossi himself claims that he will “first supply and then get compensated. The clients are the only judge I need.” He pays a his individual funds for the experiments that the university of Bologna will conduct.&nbsp

Before Mats Lewan made the decision to write about the E-Cat in Swedish Ny Teknik, he contacted the most&nbsptrustworthy&nbspphysicists&nbspin Sweden that he could think of relating to this concern, Hanno Essén and Sven Kullander.
He was genuinely surprised that their response have been&nbspcuriously good. Soon after visiting Andrea Rossis lab, Sven Kullander and Hanno Essén&nbspremarkably claimed that “It is a nuclear reaction“, going on.&nbsp
Soon after traveling to the Andrea Rossi lab, in goal to execute more refined testing of the E-Cat, Mats Lewan arrived to the very same conclusion.

Rossi has promised to deliver the E-Cat to notable Swedish universities for more exams. If it all turn out to be a well-performed scam, he will have a hard time to appear back again, and it would look as a hugely stupid tactic to draw in venture capitalists by using the sort of self-assured statements as he has accomplished.&nbsp
I also regard a lot of&nbspcriticism&nbspagainst his way of acting from the established science neighborhood, as a critique from a&nbspmethodological&nbsppoint of see. But Andrea Rossi is no scientist, he is first and foremost an&nbspentrepreneur&nbspand a businessman, and acts and thinks as such.
The untrue? claims of Fleischmann and Pons in 1989, also looks to have injected most of the science group with fear instead than curiosity about the prospects of coldfusion.&nbsp

On the other hand, there is the majority of the science community that is dismissing the test results as unattainable. And since science has been my religion because childhood days,&nbsp(though I know hardly anything about nuclearphysics)&nbspI personally have a difficult time to imagine that the frequent knowledge of nuclear physics-that has advanced throughout the past a hundred many years- would be that flawed and incomplete, as would be required in order to get the E-Cat sing. &nbspBut I also enjoy to pay attention to rates as from Nobelprize-winner Brian Josephson&nbsp“If researchers as a total denounce an notion, this need to not always be taken as proof that the stated concept is absurd fairly, a single must analyze very carefully the alleged grounds for such views and judge how well these stand up to comprehensive scrutiny.”

I can conclude that I, on each and every stage, just don´t realize this whole point. And perhaps that is why I search ahead so significantly to stick to the development of Andrea Rossi´s remarkable claims.&nbsp

Even so (no issue how a lot I question this spectacle), right up until October, I will stay in a hope that the aspiration of an virtually infinite&nbspenergy source&nbspfinally is about to become correct. And if it is, I hope that the inhabitants of Spaceship Earth are sensible plenty of to deal with that with care. &nbsp