Celani Provides Detials of Device at Korean Conference

A few details about the 17Th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF) which was held in Daejon, South Korea from August 12 to 17 are available.

Francesco Celani and his LENR device at NIWeek

The Italian blog 22pass.blogspot.com published a report form Francesco Celani who attended the conference and set up his low energy nuclear or cold fusion reactor.  This was reprinted in English at E-Cat World. He demonstrated the reactor much as he did at National Instrument’s NIWeek. An engineer from National Instruments (NI) accompanied Celani and helped with the software. Two other NI Engineers from Seoul also assisted Celani.

The device reportedly generated 14 watts of excessive heat. Celani reported that even what he called the arch skeptics from NRL (probably the US Naval Research Laboratory) complimented on his device.

Celani also stated that Korean TV covered the event. I checked youtube and couldn’t find any videos posted on line. I’ll keep looking but he wrote that Korean TV is preparing what he called a detailed report. Celani posted the slide show that he showed at ICCF online. This provides some details about his device and his work.

The slide show mentioned that Celani is working with the Metallurgical Company of Northeast Italy, Kressen LTD (a British company), the Dennis Letts Laboratory in Austin Texas, US, National Instruments and Franscesco Santadrea, ICSMNS, Latium Group in Ferentino, Italy.

The slides state that starting in February 2011 Celani and his colleagues started secretly studying new nickel based alloys. He felt that these alloys could be able to absorb some amounts of hydrogen gas and/or deuterium at mild pressure. This could generate anomalous thermal effects (a euphemism for cold fusion) at temperatures of 100 Celsius.


Celani's Reactor as shown in his slide show

Celani achieved low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) in a short time and noted that the heat increased over time. Since June 5, 2012 he has been able to improve this process. Celani noted that two Japanese scientists Akito Takahashi of Osaka University and Akira Kitamura of Kobe University achieved similar results to his. They were working with nanoparticles and collaborating with Technova Laboratories (a subsidiary of Toyota).

It looks like Celani is a serious competitor to Andrea Rossi, Brillouin, Jet Energy and Defaklion. Brillouin was supposed to present there. I’ll have that for you sometime this week.

Hopefully we’ll get some more details from ICCF 17 and some video. It may not be as a groundbreaking as NIWeek was but it should be interesting. It also looks like LENR is about to reach the big time.


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