Cold Fusion and Universities: the time has come !

Despite a number of exciting developments in the field, including Italian inventor Andrea Rossi’s announcement of his E-cat LENR device last year, most universities have totally ignored cold fusion.

Professor Brian Josephson, Nobel Prize winning and professors of physics at Cambridge University,  is one of the few people in Universities who had the courage to speak loudly about cold fusion and LENR.

In this video published in July 2011, Brian Josephson, interviewed by Judith Driscoll (professor of materials science at Trinity College), tried to capture the world scientists and media’s attention by analyzing the E-cat device and all the details of this invention.


But “Scientists and the media are looking away,” Josephson said of E-Cat. When asked about this, he blamed the history of cold fusion. He noted that when Pons and Fleischmann announced their device in 1989 their reactions could not be duplicated by some scientists and this empowered the skeptics , allowing them to dominate the discussion. “The skeptics got in first,” Josephson said. “The skepticism bandwagon rolled. It became a well established fact that cold fusion was a delusion.

However today, despite all the skepticism that still permeate this subject, one thing is for sure. If we want to expand our knowledge and move into “new energy” territories we need more support from the scientific and academic world.

The University of Missouri, Brian Josephson and Judith Driscoll were the first moving toward this direction. Now we need more people following their steps. As Brian Josephson email’s signature says: 2012 (is) the Year of Cold Fusion”. We believe the same and so we openly ask…

Universities from all over the world, please, wake up!
Cold fusion is waiting for your support!


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