Cold Fusion Conspiracy Ebook – Chapter 7: Conclusion and Summary

Chapter 7: Conclusion and Summary

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In this ebook we have discussed the many aspects of cold fusion in detail on order to provide an accurate portrayal of a scientific breakthrough that has had a very colorful and unusual history. This is mainly due to the fact that it remains to be pinned down whether or not cold fusion actually exists, yet there are huge numbers of people across the world who still follow its journey and indeed conduct research and experimentation into the area. Surely this dedication shows that cold fusion has very real potential to replace fossil fuels as an energy source for the world.

To begin we looked briefly into what cold fusion actually is, what it does and who discovered it. This was mostly related to the theories of Fleischmann and Pons and how their work was first announced to the world in 1989, as well as the suspicion it aroused among mainstream scientists. From here, the history of cold fusion was outlined and we saw how Fleischmann and Pons were not the first scientists to have ideas about nuclear fusion taking place at room temperature. The idea can be traced back to the 1920’s with the work of Paneth and Peters in their attempts to fuse hydrogen into helium due to a high demand for helium in Europe, and we saw how this demand came from the fact that the importation of helium outside of the US was banned at the time.

Next the idea that cold fusion already takes place within the core of the earth was discussed, where some scientists theorized that cold fusion was a reaction in nature that we could recreate in science labs. This was just one conspiracy theory about cold fusion and it led us on to discuss the most prevalent conspiracy theory that cold fusion has been a suppressed technology; in fact this idea has particularly dominated the piece. It resonates with people because it makes a lot of sense that there would be people out there who would stand to lose a lot of wealth and power should cold fusion be commercialized. After this we looked at the prospect of a future where cold fusion reigns as the energy source for the globe, and a discussion was presented on how this would change our lives and affect the current state of the world, economically and environmentally. In this future view we also looked at the possible advantages and disadvantages that would come with the rise of cold fusion.

In the last chapter a summary of the current popular opinions on cold fusion was presented so that we could get a feel for what people are now thinking about it. Opinions remain divided, with many sub-groups being identified. There are those who don’t believe, there are those who accept and believe in it outright, there are those who feel cold fusion is real but is being suppressed, and there are those who believe that cold fusion already exists but is being ignored by the masses. Throughout this piece there were also many links to useful videos and informative articles on cold fusion where you can find useful information for your own personal research. The following are some final thoughts to sum up the theory of cold fusion and whether or not it really has the potential to change our lives as we currently know them.

Is cold fusion really worth taking notice of?

Some may ask, is it worth the time and energy sitting up and taking notice of cold fusion when it will either happen or it won’t and life will continue as it always has anyway? This is a good question, and it goes without saying that yes, many people will not bother to follow the story of cold fusion in the news because they are simply not interested in where their energy comes from so long as they are able to carry out their daily tasks as normal. Indeed, many do not have the time to stop and discuss such things as they have so much else to be dealing with. However, this does not mean that we should ignore the subject altogether. People being aware of cold fusion is vital to it becoming a reality instead of an experiment in a laboratory. If nobody but a small number of fringe scientists bother to work and discuss cold fusion then it will never see the light of day, as a commercialized energy source that is.

As with any product or machine that a company wants to distribute, especially in the capitalist world we live in, hype and marketing are needed for the mass consumer base to be made aware of it. For this to happen with cold fusion, people need to be talking about it, and sometimes even negative press can be good, as it is still getting the topic out there where reasonable people can decide for themselves whether or not they want to support it. Fortunately, there are so many science and news related websites out there today where cold fusion continues to receive a fair amount of publicity, both good and bad. But we need to struggle past the criticism, which as mentioned is good for getting the subject out there but is also bad in terms of funding for research. This is because when big institutions hear negative press they are then wary of allowing their staff to conduct work into the area. So yes, it is important for us to take notice of cold fusion because if we don’t then it will be forgotten about, and something so vital that has the potential to change the world for the better would be lost entirely.

Can cold fusion really work?

The question as to whether or not cold fusion can actually work is troublesome, especially for those of us not coming from a scientific background. For if we do not have the expertise to explain the process in full them we also don’t have the authority to say whether it can work or not. Our belief in cold fusion energy comes from what we read in scientific journals and in news media, and we are drawing our conclusion from what the experts tell us and not from what we know ourselves. An article on this same topic can be read at the following website:

Clearly the only people who can claim that cold fusion works are the scientists themselves, and the public must choose if they believe and trust their findings or not. We can say that yes it is possible and the descriptions of the reaction could be something that would work scientifically, despite the fact that many mainstream scientists claim it defies the laws of physics. The fact remains that we certainly don’t yet know everything in science even if some commentators believe that everything has already been discovered. Certainly the universe is massive and the possibilities of what is left to discover are infinite, and so, cold fusion might very well be another scientific discovery we are just on the cusp of making, if Rossi and others like him have not done so already. Mainstream scientists may disagree, but cold fusion can definitely work if the correct procedure is set out, and it is certainly not the most far-fetched idea that has ever been thought up.

Is it still worth investing in research?

This question was saved for last, because although it may not initially seem like the most important issue, especially when free energy suppression and other conspiracies might be going on, it is actually where cold fusion will finally be discovered properly. This is why investing in further research is highly necessary for cold fusion to flourish. If research stops then so too does cold fusion, because when research is stopped experimentation also comes to an end, and without experimentation a formula for cold fusion will not come to light. An article titled, “Gerald Celente: Cold Fusion to be the Greatest Investment Opportunity of the 21st Century” can be found at this link:

Here we are told how cold fusion is the number 6 top trend in the Top Trends for 2011 in the Trends Research Journal. This is definitely important news and it tells us that people are discussing cold fusion on a range of forums, be they online or in person. This rise in popularity for cold fusion can be attributed to Rossi and his e-catalyser, for the fact that it was reported on so widely in news media meant that it gained a large audience and replenished the public’s interest in cold fusion in general. Another piece on investing in cold fusion can be found at the Cold Fusion Now website by visiting this link:

This piece details how a technology that is still waiting to be developed can be invested in. You can also do some further reading on cold fusion investment by visiting this link to an article called, “Invest in Cold Fusion Energy and Palladium”:

This article provides information and advice for those actually interested in investing in the area of cold fusion themselves.

Only one conclusion can be made here, and that is that it is still worth investing in cold fusion research, especially since it is not yet being commercially manufactured, despite claims that Rossi has made headway in securing a manufacturing deal for his invention. So we must continue to strive for research into cold fusion to be funded until we are actually seeing it being mass produced as an energy source around the world. If this research doesn’t happen then the dream of sustainable energy might never come into being, especially not in the foreseeable future.

Should cold fusion be commercially produced it will become one of the most important discoveries in the history of humanity. This fact alone lets us know that we should not give up on it, no matter how much criticism or negativity it receives from the press and elsewhere. Surely there is light at the end of the tunnel, for the state of cold fusion research is not as gloomy as it had been during the nineties when it had lost all credibility after Fleischmann and Pons were accused of practicing unethical science. Cold fusion has recently undergone a massive transformation, not only in becoming commonly known as Low Energy Nuclear Fusion, but also with the involvement of respectable mainstream scientists conducting research in the area. Cold fusion is now discussed in forums and at scientific conferences as a real and possible solution to our energy problems. Those few supporters of cold fusion who were so highly criticised back in the nineties must surely be shocked and pleased by the recent turnaround. Several discoveries can be praised for instigating this change in attitude, most frequently mentioned is that of Rossi and Focardi, however we can also thank the work of Yoshiaki Arata at the Osaka University in Japan, as well as that of Pamela Mosier-Boss and the US Navy research team who worked with her. With so much going on for cold fusion right now it seems to be just within our grasp, and if the scientists dedicated to supporting it continue their good work we will perhaps have pleasure of using it as a source of energy in the very near future.

[ N.B: This article is a short abstract of the Ebook: “Cold Fusion Conspiracies” : if you own a website related to Cold fusion/Lenr and you want a full copy to redistribute to your visitors, please write to ebook[at] . Thank you ]


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