Cold Fusion Investment

Cold Fusion Investment

There are a lot of possibilities to decide on from to attach hair extensions to your natural hair.  The most typical is a heat fusion which binds the extension to the natural hair.  

However, making use of any kind of heat on your hair can result in damage to the hair, the follicles and even the scalp.  It really is been identified to harm the natural hair, major to breakage, loss of all-natural hair and a shorter lifespan of the hair extensions.

If you are worried about this type of application, you do have the alternative of utilizing a cold fusion strategy to attach your extensions.  

Cold fusion is significantly significantly less risky for your all-natural hair, because no warmth is utilized, thereby taking away any possibility of burns. This method is also beneficial to individuals with a sensitive scalp or thinning hair.  Cold fusion is significantly significantly less probably to trigger irritation or harm the fragile hair shaft.  

The cold fusion strategy employs the use of ultrasonic waves, with keratin being used as a binding agent.  Keratin is a normal protein located in the hair, and leaves extremely tiny evidence of the fusion behind.  Cold fusion is safe and gentle, and generally used for clients regrowing hair soon after illness.  It really is the ideal choice for these with thinning or fragile hair, who wish to use hair extension whilst their hair is growing back again.  

Extensions that are created making use of organic human hair, fairly than artificial hair, reply finest to cold fusion as an adhesion method.  Your extensions will be sturdy and long lasting, lasting about three to six months.  Your hair (and extensions) can be washed, styled and cared for just like your regular hair devoid of dread of harmful or breaking the binding.  

If you are thinking of making use of cold fusion extensions, you could have to shop all around, as at the moment not every hair salon is presenting this technique.  It is a little a lot more pricey than conventional fusion methods, so you’ll likely only discover it in higher stop salons and splendor retailers.  Even so, if you are searching for a gentle and durable technique to attach your hair extension, cold fusion is properly worth the investment.

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