Could Fusion Powered Trains Be Possible?

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi claims that fusion powered trains could be running on the tracks in just a few years. Rossi has publicly demonstrated a device he calls the energy catalyzer or E-cat and said that it is generating large amounts of heat via Cold Fusion.

Rossi has also stated he will unveil a working energy catalyzer that will generate electricity for industrial purposes this fall. If that was not enough he has also publicly stated that his cold fusion device could be used to power ships and trains.

Cold fusion is a nuclear process that could generate large amounts of heat without putting out radiation or greenhouse gases. The device Rossi has demonstrated is about the size of a washing machine so it could easily fit into a train. Rossi’s device generates steam which would be used to run a generator. The generator would create electricity.

Rossi’s device could be used to power a traditional steam locomotive or a steam turbine locomotive. It could also be used to generate electricity for a locomotive or train set. The locomotives used on most American rail lines use diesel engines to generate electricity that powers motors that move the train. Passenger trains including high speed trains work by powering wheels on all or some of the cars of the train.

It would therefore be fairly easy to adapt a lot of existing rail technology to run on the energy catalyzer if it proves practical. So far Rossi has licensed two companies Greece’s Defkalion and AmpEnergo in the United States to manufacture and sell the E-cat.

So far there is no indication any railroad or locomotive manufacture has shown interest in the energy catazlyer.