Defkalion Will Have Seven Well-Known Labs Test LENR Device

Independent confirmation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or Cold Fusion could be right around the corner. Greece’s Defkalion Green Technologies plans to have what it calls seven “well known research centers and organizations” test its Hyperion hydrogen nickel LENR heating device.

The company made this revelation in a post on its forum on Feb. 5, unfortunately the well known organizations were not identified. Organizations in Greece and outside the nation will be allowed to test the Hyperion. Defkalion has announced that it wants independent testing and verification of Hyperion which is an LENR powered heating system similar to Andrea Rossi’s ecat.

The company had previously announced that they will invite researchers from all over the world to test Hyperion and confirm their results. They apparently received hundreds of responses and are sorting them. The choice has been narrowed down to seven outfits. The company has not revealed a time table for the testing.

What Hyperion Could Look Like Courtesy Defkalion

If this comes about it is certainly good news because an LENR device needs to be independently tested and confirmed. Andrea Rossi has not allowed independent testing and confirmation of his ecat even though he plans to start marketing it to the public this year. He has stated that he is in discussion with two universities for ecat testing but has not revealed their names. A testing agreement Rossi apparently had with the University of Bologna in Italy collapsed last month because of a missed payment.

Brillouin Energy Corporation in the United States is trying to raise $2 million so it can have its LENR device independently tested and confirmed at the SRI laboratory in California. Brillouin’s president and Chief Technology Officer Robert E. Godes has stated that his company will make colormetric data about the results of this testing available to the public once it is complete.

Brillouin's prototype LENR device courtesy Brillouin

Hopefully some meaningful testing of LENR will be done soon. Real test results could attract venture capital money and investment which is necessary to get this industry off the ground.

6 Responses to Defkalion Will Have Seven Well-Known Labs Test LENR Device

  • Doug Marker says:

    Now I hope the sites have superior security if Defkalion announce the locations and names of the testers.

    I would be waiting to hear about the 1st break-in after the units get delivered.

    But, I suspect there will be a queue of burglars/thieves, perhaps each group waiting around the next corner to mug the prior ones after the 1st breakin group carry out the unit.

    There is a funny side to this. But I am not sure where it lies. 🙂

    Doug M

    • jennifer says:

      The funny side appears to the be the ecat skeptics they can say anything and the press will believe them. Then criticize anybody willing to give anybody willing to give Rossi, Defkalion or anybody else the benefit of the doubt.

  • kwhilborn says:

    Maybe the 7 organizations will all publish their results anonymously as well, and issue spec sheets about their testing.

    Then we can wait another few years before knowing what is really going on with Defkalion. If I sound pessimistic about clarification, it is because we all have had our hopes raised and squashed several times in this regard.

    I sincerely wish this is not the case as I do believe in a LENR based fuel in our near future.

  • stan says:

    obviously this is a scam.The tests will not be done.

    • jennifer says:

      Nice to know you can tell what the future is Stan. Please tell me who will win the Daytona 500 this weekend so I can place a few bets. Why don’t we wait and see. If they weren’t going to test why are they saying so.

  • Derek says:

    Well all the noise being made I think it’s real, want to put money on it Stan ?