Details of Rossi Industrial Heat Settlement Available

Swedish Journalist Mats Lewan has uncovered some of the details of the settlement Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat (IH) made to end their lawsuit. Those details are available at Lewin’s Impossible Invention blog.

Lewin also posted a new interview with Rossi who explained some of the details of the suit and the settlement. Rossi told Lewin that the purpose of the settlement was to protect his Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

“To us, the most important thing was to regain complete ownership of the IP and of all the rights that were conceded through the license,” Rossi told Lewan. “At this point, it had become very clear that a continued collaboration had become impossible because of the choices IH made and because of other reasons.”

Important details of the settlement revealed in a document posted online include:

  • The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice. That means neither Rossi nor Industrial Heat owner Tom Darden are denying any of their charges. They are simply dropping the suit.

The New Look Andrea Rossi

  • Each side is dropping all of the claims against the other.


  • Rossi will drop his suit against Darden and Industrial Heat. Darden will drop his countersuits against Rossi.


  • Darden and Industrial Heat will release Rossi and Leonardo Corporation from the license deal for the e-cat. That means Rossi and his company retain ownership of the e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology and the rights to sell and manufacture it.


  • Darden will be required to return “The Energy Catalyzer Fuel Formula” to Rossi.


  • The Formula consists of lithium, lithium aluminum hydride, nickel and one additional element not listed. This is apparently Rossi’s secret sauce.

  • Darden and Industrial Heat will be required to return all of the formulas and plans for the ecat to Rossi or destroy them.


  • The patent applications will be returned to Rossi.


  • Any equipment that Rossi gave to Darden and Industrial Heat will be returned. This probably means any ecats that Rossi gave to them to test.

Rossi also explained why he sued Darden and Industrial Heat over the agreement.

“There were two clauses in the license agreement that were extremely dangerous to us—the right of first choice [if you plan to make any agreement outside of the licensee’s territory, you first have to offer the licensee the possibility to make an agreement for that new territory] and the rights also to all subsequent inventions,” Rossi told Lewan. “These clauses would have made any further development very complex.”

Basically Darden would have been able to sue Rossi; if tried to sell or market e-cats in areas covered by the license agreement, which included the USA and much of Europe. The settlement was reached on July 5, after four days of trial in US District Court in Florida.

It looks like Rossi has control of ecat again. Now we just have to wait and see if he will be able to commercialize it.

Rossi had Tumor Surgery

Andrea Rossi revealed that he had tumor surgery on his head but did not say if the tumor was cancerous.

“I have undergone surgery for a skin tumor on the head and I cannot be exposed to sunlight,” Rossi told Lewan. A normal wig is not shielding enough so this is a wig made of a material which has a very high capacity to reflect sunlight. I always need to keep this wig—a hat is not enough. But my health is perfectly good now.”

That sounds as if Rossi had melanoma a type of skin cancer caused by sun light. Fortunately it is survivable if a person gets surgery early. Fortunately Andrea is now back at work on the e-cat.

Pictures courtesy Mats Lewan.