Drought and Wildfires in the United States

There is some disturbing new evidence of climate change in the United States. A drought and devastating wildfires in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains in March something I have never heard of before.

Over one million acres were of land were consumed by fires in Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas early in March, CNN reported. Over 400,000 acres burned in Oklahoma alone.

Seven people died in the fires which injured at least five firefighters. The blazes also destroyed around 30 homes and killed hundreds of cattle.

Another fire in Colorado led to the evacuation of 1,000 homes in the mountains near Boulder on March 19 and 20. That fire was definitely caused by drought, an Associated Press story indicates.

“One of the firefighters said it feels like June up there,” Boulder County Sheriff’s Commander Mike Wagner told the AP. “There is no moisture.” March is normally Colorado’s snowiest month.

Such drought conditions and fires this early in the year are unprecedented in the United States. One has to wonder how long Climate Change deniers can keep up their charade in the face of such conditions.

Pressure for the development of alternative sources of energy is certain to increase in the face of such drought conditions. Greenhouse gases need to be reduced now if we want to prevent even greater disasters.

New LENR Device Demonstrated in India

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) has been invited to test a new low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device in India, E-cat World’s Frank Acland reported. The ECCO reactor produces been one and eight kilowatts of power in an aluminum tube, this website indicates.

The process apparently uses nickel foil and hydrogen plasma to create fusion and relies on ultrasonics, Steemint reported. The MFMP is raising money to fund duplication of the ECCO in order to test its creators claims. Donations can be made to a bank in Brighton England or to the MFMP’s web page via PayPal.

The reactor is reportedly capable of generating eight times more energy than is fed into which creates a coefficient of power (COP) of eight. It also makes a lot of cups of tea which indicates that water is being boiled. It takes around five minutes for the reactor boil water which indicates it is capable of making steam for generating electricity.

What’s really exciting is that the ECCO’s creators want to make it available for replication on an open sourced basis. That means people all over the world will be able to utilize the technology for free.

A great deal about the ECCO project is not known including its location and who is behind it. Yet it is exciting news, because the world needs new sources of clean energy.