E-Cat Demonstration for Physics Professors Scheduled for October 6 in Bologna

Andrea Rossi has apparently scheduled a demonstration of a 1 MW (megawatt) e-cat cold fusion plant for October 6 in Bologna, Italy. This demonstration is supposed to be attended by professors of physics from all over the world according to a letter that Professor Franco Ciogna of the University of Bologna sent to the European Patent Office on September 27.

Campus of the University of Bologna one of the world's oldest.

The demonstration will be conducted at a laboratory provided by the University of Bologna. Professors of Physics from the USA, China, Japan, France, Great Britain, Greece, Russia and Italy are supposed to attend the event. The names of the professors are not revealed. Professors from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences presumably Hanno Essen, and Swen Kullander who have been working with Rossi for sometime are also supposed to be there.

The letter does not say if the test will be streamed on video or not. Nor does it say if the media will be present, there has been some speculation that Ny Teknik will be present. It does state that an official report of the test results will be posted online at a later date. This would probably be posted at Rossi’s website.

The letter does not say what will be demonstrated but it is presumably the e-cat plant in a cargo container that Rossi showed to the Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik earlier this month. The letter stated that the test will begin at 10 a.m. in the morning and continue for 24 hours. The letter invites the Patent Examiner from the European Patent Office in the Netherlands to attend the test.

Rossi has an Italian patent for the e-cat and he has applied for both a US patent and a European patent for the cold fusion device. The letter lists the patent number as 088738059-1270 and states that the application was filed on August 4, 2008 in the name of Passcuni Maddalena.

It is not clear how this e-cat test will affect the four month test of a 1 MW e-cat unit in the United States that was supposed to begin in October. The location and exact date of that test have not been revealed. All Rossi has stated about it is that the test was to be conducted in conjunction with an unnamed American organization.

It could be possible that test has been called off because of Rossi’s reported financial problems. In his blog, Rossi has stated the test will go on and that he has raised the funds to cover his costs by selling his house.

Rossi has announced plans to set up a formal e-cat research facility at the University of Bologna which is his alma matter. Rossi’s associates Sergio Focardi and Guissepe Levi were physics professors at the school. They will presumably attend the October 6 test.

8 Responses to E-Cat Demonstration for Physics Professors Scheduled for October 6 in Bologna

  • Brad Arnold says:

    It has been said that contractually the one mega watt E-Cat had to get better than a 5 to 1 return on energy. That is not enough to convert the heat into electricity directly. The previous demonstrations of the E-Cat had a return around 6.5. It will be very interesting to see the productivity of the newest model.

    • jennifer says:

      A very good point. Of course this is first generation technology. It’ll have to get a lot better than this if Rossi wants to make any money from it.

  • Does Rossi have an aka Passcuni? The US patent application states in one of Rossi’s claims that hydrogen is pulsated and heated from 302 to 932 degrees F. It is written clearly but I didn’t see any of those energy calculations.

    • jennifer says:

      Check NyTeknik’s website they do have some of the calculations from the latest test posted there.

  • Brad Arnold says:


    First mainstream media report on the E-Cat (if you can call the UK site Wired mainstream). I think it is pretty balanced. Darn that Krivit – he is really a fly in the ointment.

  • Hal Schar says:

    By the way the picture shows Bertinoro, which is about 60km away from Bologna and not the Campus of the University of Bologna. The only connection to Bologna is that there is a Museum run by the university.

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks I’ve never been to Bologna so I didn’t know that. It was posted in Google as a picture of the University. We try to put up a picture for every article even if no interesting images are available.

  • Whytek says:

    ‘that Krivit’ provides an excellent balance. One hopes Rossi has something to show, but up to now, he has not shown anything.
    That’s just the way it is. I’m honestly not biased. That’s not to say I don’t care, but I’m not going to let my hopes get in the way of common sense. The article in wired is yet another, rather silly example of somebody wanting to write something about, what is.. so far, nothing. Here’s hoping something tangible comes out really soon.