Ecat Finally On US TV and Rossi Might Sell Shares

A short piece about the e-cat has appeared on US television. Energy Now a program that airs on the Bloomberg TV network ran a short segment that said an Italian inventor named Andrea Rossi has produced what anchor Thalia Assuras called the “holy grail of energy.” Surprisingly the segment did not include any comments from Rossi or video of the inventor which is odd given how talkative he usually is.

Instead it just gave a brief and fairly accurate description of the e-cat and its possibilities. It mentioned that the ecat could generate endless self sustaining and incredibly cheap energy. Assuras stated the e-cat runs on small amounts of nickel powder and hydrogen gas and produced about as much energy as 70 gallons of gasoline during Rossi’s October 28 test. She also noted correctly that there is a lot of skepticism of Rossi and his work and did note that Rossi plans to go into mass production soon. She said an e-cat has been sold to an unnamed American company.

Energy Now runs on a minor cable TV network that caters mostly to business but at least it is some attention. Articles about the e-cat have appeared on the websites of the mainstream TV networks, Fox News, CBS and MSNBC so some people in that industry are certainly aware of it. Hopefully Sixty Minutes which has a healthy interest in energy will go to Bologna and check Rossi out. Sixty Minutes is the most popular news broadcast in the US. It is produced by CBS which also puts out a popular nightly news broadcast anchored by Scott Pelley who did an excellent piece on Cold Fusion for Sixty Minutes a few years back.

Scott Pelley courtesy CBS

For those who are interested Sterling Allen over at Pure Energy Systems has posted a complete index of Mainstream Media coverage of e-cat so far. Hopefully it will grow and force the Department of Energy to take notice.

There is also some speculation that Rossi plans to sell stock in some sort of company related to e-cat. There’s no evidence of this just that he responded to questions from somebody named Simon Basovich by saying “probably we will sell shares to allow everybody to participate in this enterprise. Before we do this we will have to consolidate our manufacturing and commercial system.”


I suppose this means that Rossi plans to set up a company to market and sell e-cat (see also I wonder how this would affect AmpEnergo which has a contract to market the technology in the Americas. Interestingly enough one of the few e-cat true believers in the major media Fortune’s Mark Gibbs has taken this to mean that Rossi is perpetuating a scam. I doubt that a fraudster  would have already made such a move. Of course if Rossi were a real fraudster he’d be here in America trying to sell Green Energy to President Obama.  That’s where the big money is.


Rossi’s post indicates that he is thinking about an IPO which would be logical if his invention worked. Note he would be off getting venture capital and using that before selling shares. We should also note that Rossi is not taking money at this time, only thinking about the next logical step.

2 Responses to Ecat Finally On US TV and Rossi Might Sell Shares

  • Brad Arnold says:

    When Rossi’s e-cat passes the “too good to be true” phase, companies will be beating a path to his door to license his technology and incorporate it into their products.

    BTW, here is a PowerPoint presentation by George Miley of the University of Illinois who has successfully replicated the LENR “cold fusion” reaction:

    I have several other sources reporting over unity COP from LENR Ni-H exothermic reactions (including a DIA report from a couple of years ago, and a more recent US government contracted report), but the above is the most recent and the most convincing. At at least 1/10th the cost (and clean to boot!), it won’t be long before companies around the world are spending tremendous amounts of money on LENR R&D, so Rossi launching an IPO is really irrelevant except to fuel critic’s fear of a scam.

    • jennifer says:

      I’ve seen the DIA report. My understanding is the Brilliouin maybe as close as Rossi. They just haven’t been as public about as Rossi has. It’ll be interesting to see how many other cold fusion devices start coming out of the closet if it looks like Rossi will corner the market. Check Rossi’s website it looks like he is planning an IPO or at least to seek venture capital. There are also rumors that Las Alamos researchers have replicated Brillouin’s work. Thanks for the information. I reported on Miley’s work on another site.