E-Cat Owner’s Connections to GE/North Carolina Company Revealed

The North Carolina company that purchased Andrea Rossi’s e-cat Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology Industrial Heat LLC could have some connections to General Electric (GE) and a North Carolina company called Power Generation Services, Inc. or PoGens.

Power Generation which claims provide a complete energy management infrastructure could be the mysterious company where Rossi claims the one megawatt Ecat unit was shipped to for testing. Power Generation apparently provides a variety of services to utility companies. General Electric is not listed as a partner on Power Generation’s site.

One of PCX's Uninteruptable Power Systems

Interestingly enough a company called PCX Corporation LLC according to its website PCX provides large scale generators or electrical distribution centers for data centers and industry. These include uninterruptable power systems which keep the lights on and the equipment working when the grid goes down. Pictures of some of the centers on PCX’s website show generation units that look a lot like some of the pictures we’ve seen of Rossi’s one megawatt ecat.

Even though it is not a partner in Power Generation, a Jan. 28, 2014, PoGens press release notes that GE’s Digital Energy business made a strategic investment in the company.

“We have been working closely with GE for the past year and this investment accelerates the integration of GE’s energy infrastructure technologies,” Power Generation’s CEO Jim Szyperski said in the press release.

The Power Generation/Industrial Heat connection is pretty tenuous though. The E-cat World website concluded the relationship exists because the names James Kevin Szyperski and Thomas Francis Darden appear on US Patent Application US20130076140 A1.

Darden is the head of Cherokee Investment Partners and a principal investor in Industrial Heat LLC. Like Power Generation, both Industrial Heat and Cherokee Investment Partners are based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The patent is labeled “Systems and methods for microgrid power generation and management.” That means the creation of small-scale electricity generation as an alternative to the grid or a backup to the grid. Since the grid is becoming increasingly unreliable and expensive this is going to be increasingly big business in the years ahead.

Obviously something like LENR would be the logical power source for such a system, since it is small, nonpolluting and high in energy density unlike solar panels or wind turbines. If Darden could combine Rossi’s ecat with such a microgrid and make it work he would have his hands on a fortune. Naturally GE which has been in the electricity business since Thomas Edison’s day would be one of the logical customers.

GE’s investment is intriguing because it is a publicly traded Fortune 500 company. General builds everything from computers to jet engines which are a possible use for LENR. One of its areas of expertise is turbines which could be powered by LENR. Uses for these turbines include locomotives for the railroads.

In another good news department, Sterling Allen’s LENR to Market Digest– one of the best news sources on LENR around recently reappeared after a four and a half month absence. Hopefully it’ll stay around and appear more often because it is still the best comprehensive news source for Cold Fusion on the web today.



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