E-Cat Replications Spread, Chinese Government could be working on LENR

The number of efforts to replicate Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction or LENR process is increasing. One of the most interesting experiments was carried out by a scientist at one of China’s top government research organizations.

The mysterious Me356 LENR experiment courtesy E-cat World

A number of websites are reporting that a mysterious individual or organization only called Me356 is trying to replicate Rossi’s hot e-cat device. E-catworld.com compared the efforts to those of Russian physicist Alexander G. Parkohomov who announced that he had replicated the hot e-cat in December. Unfortunately we do not know who or what Me356 is and where the experiment is taking place. Nor do we know where it is located.

My guess is that it might be going on at some sort of university or government laboratory perhaps at an institution where administrators oppose the idea of “cold fusion” research. The researchers are out to verify LENR but they do not want others to know they are until they have some results. They may also be keeping the work secret so they can patent it or sell it and cash in on the device they create.

Chinese LENR Research Effort Revealed

One institution that is willing to reveal its LENR research efforts is the China Institute of Atomic or CIAE in Beijing. “CIAE is the cradle of nuclear science and technology in China, and also a comprehensive R&D base which is in a leading, fundamental and forward looking position in nuclear field,” is how the Institute’s website describes the facility.

Some of the facilities at the China Institute of Atomic Energy courtesy CIAE

CIAE is China’s equivalent of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA. Hank mills reported that one of the Institute’s researchers Songsheng Jiang published a paper called New Result of Anomalous Heat Production in Hydrogen-loaded Metals at High Temperature. That sounds like a description of yet another effort to replicate the hot e-cat in China with government support.

The Institute is a large organization connected to the China National Nuclear Corporation or CNNC the entity that builds nuclear weapons for China’s military. The corporation also develops and builds nuclear reactors and creates nuclear fuel. The Corporation’s leaders report directly to the highest governing body of the People’s Republic of China – the State council according to Wikipedia.

Songsheng Jiang courtesy E-cat World

One arm of CNNC the China National Nuclear Power Company or CNNPC announced that it plans to an initial public offering or IPO to raise money by selling stock soon, Reuters reported. That means you might soon be able to buy stock in a company that might own an LENR process. CNNPC hopes to raise 13.19 billion yuan or $2.13 billion US, or 1.89 Euros through the deal which would be the largest IPO in China since 2011. The corporation wants to use that money to develop 58 gigawatts of nuclear power in China by 2020.

In his report Jiang stated that the thinks LENR could be occurring deep below the earth. He also thinks that LENR is creating isotopes. Documents obtained by Mills describe Songsheng Jiang as Physicist, Retired Professor at China Institute of Atomic Energy. Those want to see the report should visit E-Cat World where Hank Mills has been kind enough to post a copy of it.

Jiang's LENR reactor. Courtesy E-cat World

It describes an experiment that lasted 96 hours from May 4, 2015 to May 8, 2015. The experiment involved a vacuumed chamber and created an “effect” that lasted 20 minutes and generated temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius with 900 watts of electricity. Pictures of Jiang’s lab that Mills Posted at e-Cat World show reactors and devices that look a lot like Rossi and Parkohomov’s rigs.

It looks like the LENR genie is out of the bottle folks, replication is going on all over the place and some very deep pocketed entities are involved. My take is that it is only matter of time before one of these researchers comes up with an LENR process that can be readily commercialized. Like it or not the LENR age could be upon us.


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    Hello Jennifer,

    There is a lot of inflation in China and de US. But the 1.89 EURO does not eqaul 2,130,000,000.00 US$ there is something wrong in your calculation.

  • Brad Arnold says:

    “My take is that it is only matter of time before one of these researchers comes up with an LENR process that can be readily commercialized.”


    There are many companies now racing to bring Low Energy Nuclear Reaction products to the marketplace. One notable company is Solar Hydrogen Trends, which claims to have accidentally discovered a way to use LENR to produce hydrogen gas from water at the energy equivalent of producing pollution free oil for about $5.00 a barrel. Their hydrogen gas producing reactor has been independently tested by two well known companies, AirKinetics, Inc. and TRC Solutions. Both companies found that the reactor works as promised, and the TRC Solutions PDF report is quite shocking. Solar Hydrogen Trends claims that their technology can be scaled down to power automobiles or scaled up to power jet aircraft, ships, and entire cities.

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