E-cat Test in Greece Called Off

Andrea Rossi

The demonstration of a one megawatt cold fusion powered electric generator in Greece in October has apparently been called off. Press releases and media sources had indicated that Andrea Rossi the inventor of the e-cat was planning to demonstrate an electric generator based on his technology in October with several prominent scientists present.

The demonstration has apparently been cancelled as a result of a dispute between Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies the Greek company that was planning to build energy catalyzer powered heating units in Xanthi, Greece. Rossi had been planning to test the energy catalzyer at Defkalion’s Xanthi facility in northern Greece

In a press release dated Aug. 4, Rossi announced that the agreement between his company the Leonardo Corporation and Defkalion has been called off. This means that Defkalion no longer has a legal right to use Rossi’s technology which has been patented in Italy. The reason for this break up is not stated in the press release. Rossi also denied claims that the e-cat has been tested in Greece.

Drawing of Andrea Rossi

The E-cat test will be now held in the United States. Rossi has a facility in Miami, Florida where he manufactures energy catalyzer components. Rossi lives in Miami and he has done contract work for the US Army in the past.

Rossi still has an agreement with an American company called AmpEnergo to license e-cat technology in the New World.

8 Responses to E-cat Test in Greece Called Off

  • Brad Arnold says:

    The formula I’ve been circulating around the web for the LENR Ni-H reaction is not the result of my or Rossi’s direct experimentation, but instead from a report commissioned by the US government. Rossi has a gigantic competitive advantage, and I hope he continues to work with the US company AmpEnergo to produce and then market the E-Cat.

    Unfortunately, we all know the plutocratic status quo forces arrayed against any alternative to conventional energy, so it was unsafe for the snake to have more than one head.

    By the way, just in case you missed it, this is the Golden Formula: Ni+H+KaCO3(heated above 70C at 22 bars)=Cu+lots of heat. Please have scientists throughout the world verify with this LENR Ni-H formula – it will mean the halt of the 6th Great Extinction now underway.

  • Rossi said the demo would be taking place in USA instead. http://pesn.com/2011/08/07/9501886_Rossi_Terminates_Defkalions_E-Cat_Rights_and_License/

    See our coverage at ttp://pesn.com/working/includes/footers/Rossi-Defkalion_controversy.htm

  • admin says:

    Thank you Sterling, I’ve update the post adding this detail.

  • D says:

    So the agreement that meant no payment until delivery has been terminated. The agreement with money changing hands ahead of delivery still stands. The alarm bells might burn out.

  • admin says:

    Brad could you explain what “KaCO3” is?

  • bym says:

    Now that the American government has it we will never see it.

    • jennifer says:

      Gee the US government has done a great job keeping such technologies as the internet a secret haven’t they. Actually the US military is more likely to spread this technology.