Ecat Test Generates a lot of Attention

Andrea Rossi’s posting of the results from the independent test of his ecat Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) device at a forum for scientific papers has attracted a lot of attention. The attention has ranged from the curious to the favorable to the hostile.

The Botanical Garden at Uppsala University

Over at Mark Gibbs who has been very critical of Rossi in the past did a pretty good job of showing that the authors of the paper are real scientists. He also identified three of the paper authors I hadn’t heard of before they are:

  • Torbjorn Hartman. Hartman is apparently a Senior Research Engineer at the Svedberg Laboratory which is associated with Uppsala University


  • Bo Hoistad who is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala Unniversity. He maybe a professor of Nuclear Physics


  • Lars Tegner a Professor Emeritus (retired professor) from the Department of Engineering Sciences at Uppsala University. He is apparently a professor of electrical engineering.

Cudos to Mr. Gibbs for uncovering this and being willing to change his mind. Gibbs also noted that one of the professors Hanno Essen listed in the paper was the Chairman of the Swedish Skeptics Society for nearly three years. That doesn’t sound like a dupe does it.

Unfortunately not everybody is as open minded, Steven B. Krivit and New Energy Times are still denouncing the test as a hoax. They now claim Rossi is somehow manipulating the academics to create an illusion. One has to wonder would the academics be that stupid and gullible and would they risk their reputations and careers for a hoax. Perhaps the promoters of real journalism about LENR would explain this. It’s been my experience to start questioning any news source that starts bragging about practicing real journalism or the truth. Generally it’s a cover for sloppy reporting and masking opinion as news.

The usual “debunking” from the defenders of mainstream science has also popped up. Discovery News’ Jesse Emspak has posted 5 Reasons why Cold Fusion is Bunk. Note Rossi refuses to use the words Cold Fusion. A typical smear piece that employees a lot of classic propaganda techniques such as guilt by association ie link Rossi with the discredited words cold fusion, mention Pons and Fleischman, list some high school physics and hope none of our readers know anything about this. That’ll score points with certain science professors it isn’t journalism.

It’d be nice if the so called mainstream journalists might contact Mr. Rossi and talk to him. Or better contact the professors mentioned in the report and ask them why they think it is real.

If you’re interested in getting a full list of the coverage of the test results Sterling D. Allen has posted one at Pure Energy Systems. Unlike the so called critics he has listed both the critics and the supporters. His open mindedness should be a lesson for certain others.

The publicity we’re getting is nice but it doesn’t go far enough. Obviously part of the reason for this is that Rossi has not said or done anything dramatic or revealed how the ecat works. Hopefully that’ll be coming.

Hopefully all of this attention will lead to more funding and popular support for LENR. Something those of us who are discouraged by criticism should remember is that negative publicity can attract just as much attention as positive news. Even attack pieces may convince a few people to take a look at what’s going on and to get involved.