Ecat Unit could be delivered to European Customer in July

Rossi and Sterling Allan with the One Megawatt Ecat Unit on October 28

Andrea Rossi stated that he deliver another 1 megawatt ecat low energy nuclear reaction device to a customer sometime in July. In a post on his blog Rossi did not identify the customer or the exact date for delivery.

Rossi was replying a question from somebody called Franco who asked what week in July the unit would be delivered. This would be the second unit that Rossi has built for a customer. He built one for an unidentified customer that was supposed to be shipped in October 2011. That unit has apparently not been shipped and reports indicate that it is still at Rossi’s facility in Bologna, Italy.

The unit in question would produce one megawatt of heat not electricity. Rossi is working on a unit that he says will create steam at temperatures of 600 degrees. That would create steam which could be used to generate electricity in a turbine.

Rossi also said that he is testing the steam unit and that he will make the results of the temperature reactor tests available to Sterling Allan of Pure Energy Systems and Hank Mills when they are available. That means those results should be posted on Allan’s Pure Energy Systems website.

Rossi also noted that the level of power consumption for the high temperature and low temperature ecats is the same. That means he might be able to develop a low cost method of generating electricity with the ecat.

The European customer isn’t identified but it could be the giant German technology company Siemens. Siemens engineers have reportedly been working with Rossi on a turbine. Another possibility is HydroFusion the group of Swedish investors that have purchased the rights to license ecat in Northern Europe. Hopefully this customer will come out and reveal itself and publicize its use of ecat. That would help quiet some of the skeptics.


6 Responses to Ecat Unit could be delivered to European Customer in July

  • john29302 says:

    the energy of 600 degrees is 3 times as much energy so the amount of energy used is tripled. unless he completely is a stupe monger that kant measure his own triple enrgy output and sez the amoubt of energy used is the same. so he cant state the facts right. the amount of energy input and output has tripled if unless he just kant write down whats going on. COP kant be 6 if its 600 degrees. do you know the facts?

  • sophareth says:

    Betting on specialists of very reliable Stirling engine
    of Sweeden Navy as buyer.

  • Jan Holik says:

    V České republice je, co se týká LENR či E-CAT ticho po pěšině….Naopak, jedná se usilovně o dostavbě jaderné eletrárny Temelín. Co z této dostavby budou mít daňoví poplatníci ? ČEZ bude vyvážet energii pod cenou do Německa a nakapsují se manažeři a spřátelené firmy, to je celé….Přál bych si, aby byl E-CAt reálný a byl uveden na trh co nejdříve. Změna je třeba !!!!!

    In the Czech Republic in terms LENR or E-CAT silence down the path …. On the contrary, it is hard for the completion of the Temelin nuclear eletrárny. What will be the completion of the taxpayers? CEZ will export power at a loss to Germany and nakapsují managers and business friendly, that’s all …. I wish that was real E-CAT and was launched as soon as possible. Change is necessary!!

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