Gasification Technology Could Make LENR Waste Disposal a Reality

A new gasification technology being tested by the US Marine Corps could make waste disposal with cold fusion into a reality. Marines and civilian personnel at Camp Smith in Hawaii are currently testing something called the Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS).

MAGS destroys waste by heating it to temperatures of around 1,300 Fahrenheit (815.56 Celsius). Popular Science reported that MAGS could turn 100 pounds of garbage into five pounds of ash and it creates more energy than it consumes. The system works by converting a large percentage of waste into gas that can be burned. The burning gas then destroys more trash making the system highly efficient. Unlike a traditional incinerator MAGS doesn’t release pollutants into the atmosphere. Instead the gases generated are pumped bag into the system so they can be destroyed.

A big advantage to this is that any glass or metal found in the trash can be sifted out and recycled. Another advantage is that MAGS would destroy some potentially dangerous pollutants including toxic chemicals and all biological waste. A MAGS unit in a hospital could destroy contaminated hypodermic needles and any germs they contain. Yet preserve the metal needles to be recycled. The needles would be safe because the high temperatures involved would destroy the germs.

Another advantage to MAGS type systems is that they would reduce the chance of pathogens being accidently released during transport. Today medical waste has to be shipped often for hundreds of miles something that wastes energy and increases the chance of contamination. If the waste can simply be destroyed in the hospital basement the chances of contamination will be reduced.

Obviously MAGS wouldn’t get rid of all kinds of waste, it couldn’t destroy the radioactivity in radioactive waste although it could greatly reduce the amounts of such waste. That would make radioactive waste easier to store or get rid of. Yet it would get rid of most waste because the majority of trash is not radioactive and there are many kinds of trash that cannot be recycled. It is also simply too expensive to recycle many kinds of trash. Recycling also uses vast amounts of energy which reduces its usefulness as a “green technology.”

This is obviously a green technology because the MAGS produces excess heat that could be used for heating. It could also be used to produce steam or hot air to run a generator. It could operate a small steam engine such as the Cyclone or a Sirling Engine.

It is also obvious that MAGS could be easily used with low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) processes. Andrea Rossi has reported that his hot ecat has generated temperatures of 1200 degrees Celsius. That would seemingly be hot enough to operate a system like the MAGS. So the dream of LENR waste disposal mentioned by the Defense Intelligence Agency is a real one.

MAGS courtesy US Office of Naval Research

There’s another exciting possibility here, Andrea Rossi has stated he is working on a gas-fired version of his ecat LENR device. If natural gas or propane could be used to fire an LENR device, the gas from a MAGS type device might be used for the same purpose. So it might be possible to fire an LENR device with gas generated by burning waste. Green technologists like those at the Hunt Utilities Group (HUG) should definitely look into this possibility.

It looks like modern technology is about to make the dream of waste disposal by cold fusion a reality. So it is easy to see why the US military is so interested in LENR.


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  • AstralProjectee says:

    I am so glad you guys covered this technology. I found out about it a month ago or so, and didn’t see anything about it at I even emailed Sterling Allan about it, but he never reported on this technology. Next time I find a technology like this I will tell you guys.

    Other than that, this is a great technology it seems like. And hopefully with cold fusion it will be widely adopted very fast. I just read an article by the New York Times that India has a HUGE garbage problem. They don’t even know if they can fix it with their current resources.

    India’s Plague, Trash, Drowns Its Garden City During Strike

    Good job on reporting on this new tech Jennifer.