Global Warming Real and Worse than Ever Need for LENR Research Greater than Ever

The need for more investment in real alternative energy technologies such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) is greater than ever because of the growing threat of global warming. A recent study confirmed that 97% of the scientific studies verify the fact the fact that human activity is causing global warming.

Scientists position on Global Warming Courtesy Washington Post

We need new energy sources like LENR and small scale hot fusion that do not generate gases like carbon dioxide now because recent testing showed that carbon dioxide levels are approaching a threshold not seen in 3 million years. The dioxide levels were not at 400 parts million as some reports indicated yet they were very close. The actual reading was 399.89 parts per million which is no measure for comfort.

Global warming is real, it’s here and we need to do something about it. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Nor will relying on horse and buggy technologies like windmills. We need new technologies capable of generating large amounts of heat without putting greenhouse gases.

The good news is those technologies are almost here in the form of LENR devices. The bad news is that politicians, the media and the scientific establishment are ignoring them for a variety of reasons. A big one is all the money and reputations invested in green technology, energy efficiency and big government solutions like large scale hot fusion.

Another is that a lot of people don’t seem to be aware that are real alternatives out there. The physics establishment in particular has done a great job of dismissing all LENR experimenters as “cold fusion cranks.” That should be particularly bothersome because another establishment physicist has been appointed US Secretary of Energy.

Leaders on both sides of the political spectrum in the United States seem to be dedicated to making global warming worse: so-called conservatives by continuing to believe in the fantasy that global warming doesn’t exist and liberals by believing that we can solve the problem with more efficient light bulbs and expensive windmills.

Personally I don’t know which group is worse, some Republican politicians in the US are blatantly lying about global warming. I can’t believe they’re that ignorant of science. Or Democratic politicians by claiming to do something while actually doing little or nothing.

The hope then relies not in government and politics which have once more shown themselves useless and incapable of dealing with the problems facing our civilization but in ingenuity, inventions and the free market. If we want a solution to global warming we need to look to backyard inventors such as Andrea Rossi, Robert Godes, Francesco Piantelli, Francesco Celani and his followers, Defkalion and others. They’re creating solutions while our leaders including President Obama and Al Gore are making the problem worse with more hot air.


4 Responses to Global Warming Real and Worse than Ever Need for LENR Research Greater than Ever

  • AlainCo says:

    Be careful about the 97% argument, and the peer-review argument.
    you cannot accept LENR and use those arguments.

    99.99% of physicists deny LENR, like 99% of doctors in hospital denies hygiena usefulness


    I don’t have a position on that subject, except on some studies about the alarmist consequence who are plagued with blatant incompetence (about demography, economy, malaria, diseases, wars).

    However the argument “ad numerum” is void, like about LENR.

    It is clear that like on LENR this domaine is also plagued with bias and fraud (like Mallove found).
    all those facts, well identified, and blamed by some courageous experts who defended the consensus for long, are today clearly proving that ther is a great risk of exaggeration and manipulation.
    Moreover that domain is plagued of interest conflict since there is huge business impact, on renewable energy, carbon quota, insurance primes, alarmist NGO (funded today above one billion) where alarmism is needed to maintain the funding flow.

    anyway this does not prove the opposite point.
    there are similar exaggeration and some interest conflicts.

    in fact all is multi-biased.

    what is sure today is the the model IPCC used have been proven wrong for not explaining current 17 years stall…
    recent papers claim much less sensibility that what triggered the alarmism.
    about practical impact, it is clear that it is total bullshit and that there is no data to make good forecast, and much data to be less alarmist on the consequence.

    what LENR, climatology, hygiena, plane, tectonic, 5-symmetry crystal, shows is that science is not perfect and can get no more honest than politic and religion.

    from the data I gathered it is clear that more of 99% of climatologist are doing bad science, except few scientists who simply admit they have not enough data and underestimate the uncertainty monster…

    the smart person disease: unknow unknown

    anyway, LENR solve the CO2 problem, not even free but with a clear benefit.

    • jennifer says:

      I agree science is not perfect. Still it would be nice if the peers would actually review LENR rather than simply debunk it. PS I’d like to know where the 99% of physicists statistic comes from. We can verify the surveys about global warming. The Wright Brothers stories are documented historical fact.

  • Bert Bigelow says:

    President Obama may be doing nothing, but Al Gore has been sounding the alarm for a long time.
    You can call that “hot air” if you like, but Gore is not in government, so his only means of alerting the rest of us to the dangers of continued fossil fuel burning is the “hot air” that he emits in his writings and speeches.
    We need more “hot air” from Al Gore!!!

    • jennifer says:

      Al Gore is an arrogant windbag that has done nothing to stop Global Warming. All he does is promote himself. Unfortunately a lot of people fall for his act. PS when Gore was in government he did whatever big coal told him. Including opposing alternate energy research. When he was vice president Gore’s performance matched Obama’s. Let’s ignore the fraud.