Greek Company Planning to Manufacture and Market Cold Fusion Furnace

A Greek company called Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies Ltd wants to be the first to put the energy catalyzer in your home. Defkalion is developing a home heating called the Hyperion which would be powered by Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer cold fusion process. The process would use steam generated by the e-cat to heat a home and generate electricity.

The company hopes to bring the Hyperion to market in late fall or early winter 2011. A demonstration model will be built at the company’s factories in Xanthi in Northern Greece. The model will be used to power and heat the factory. The first Hyperions will be sold in Greece and the Balkans then worldwide.

Defkalion has the right to market this technology everywhere except the US according to a white paper it put out. Its website states it will market the energy catalyzer for home, light industrial and other uses.

It will also sell a plug and play black box version of the energy catalyzer to be used as an energy source in other devices. Companies in different countries around the world would be licensed to make use of this technology.

Defkalion held a press conference in Athens on June 23, at which Andrea Rossi was in attendance. Defkalion has posted the video on Youtube. Unfortunately the conference was conducted in Greek and Defkalion did not provide English subtitles for the videos as they promised.

Praxen Defkalion Ltd. is based on the island of Cyprus. It is apparently the only company planning to actively market a device based on Rossi’s energy catalyzer. An American company called AmpEnergo is planning to license E-cat in the US, Canada and Latin America but has only made vague announcements about its plans. Rossi himself owns a company called the Leonardo Corporation which will manufacture e-cat based generators in Bologna, Italy.

Defaklion is awaiting approval from the European Union in order to make the Hyperion available to the public. It is unclear if it has this approval yet or not.