How LENR could Save Millions of Lives Every Year

The replacement of fossil fuel burning power sources with a technology such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) could save nearly five million lives a year. The Word Health Organization estimates that around 4.6 million people die from health problems caused by air pollution every year. Around 310,000 people die from problems related to air pollution in Europe alone each year.

One study found that 3,800 people a year die prematurely from air pollution in the region around Los Angeles alone. That’s in an area where government has been trying to implement serious controls on air pollution for nearly sixty years. Something else to be afraid is that in 2002 a study found that 146 million Americans were living in areas where the levels of air pollution exceeded federal standards.

The diseases caused or made worse by air pollution include asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, respiratory allergies, lung cancer and even cystic fibrosis. Scientists have found that air pollution causes serious health problems in regions with relatively clean air such as British Columbia. Modern environmental laws don’t end the menace of air pollution they only reduce it.

Unlike air pollution laws or so-called green technology, low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion can really do something about air pollution it can eliminate it entirely. Andrea Rossi claims his eCat device can produce temperatures of 1200 degrees Celsius or more. If true this means devices like eCat could take the place of fossil burning technologies for most industrial purposes.

That includes smelting metals and generating electricity two of the biggest causes of air pollution. Robert Godes of Brillouin believes that his LENR boiler technology could take the place of coal or natural gas in power plants in a few years. LENR could also replace fossil fuels and wood burning as a primary heating source. Fossil fuel and wood burning for heating are the main sources of air pollution in many cold climates. Another benefit is that LENR could be used to power incinerators that burn garbage to generate heat which is a big source of pollution in some regions. LENR might be hot enough to destroy the waste without creating pollution.

Just imagine the savings if we could eliminate all the health problems caused by fossil fuel created air pollution. All the cost of treating the people afflicted by those illnesses would be eliminated. Large numbers of people now incapacitated by lung problems would be healthy and working and paying taxes. Healthcare costs would be reduced and society would be more productive.

With clean air to breathe people would be more active. They’d be more likely to go out and exercise and lose weight which would improve health. Many people who are living on disability because of lung problems today would be able to return to the labor force or at least an active lifestyle.

The benefits would be greatest in developing nations where air pollution takes its greatest toil but we would see them all over the world. Another benefit is that we could shut down some of the environmental protection bureaucracies because they’d no longer be needed. There would be a few less do gooders sitting offices wasting our tax money which will benefit average people.

Ending the menace of air pollution would be just one of the many benefits from LENR. It is another reason why we need to devote far more money and resources to LENR research efforts. Green technology and government regulation have to failed to stop air pollution.

Getting rid of air pollution will seem like a pipe dream to some people but consider this little tidbit from SuperFreakonomics In the 1890s when the world’s urban planners held their first conference they couldn’t figure out a way to solve the problem of horse manure which was piling up in city streets and making many communities unlivable. The problem was considered too hard to solve. Yet within 30 years the problem had been solved by a revolutionary new technology called the automobile. Today another revolutionary technology called LENR could have similar results.

4 Responses to How LENR could Save Millions of Lives Every Year

  • Michelangelo says:

    yes, and in future of future the LENR can cause excess of productions of all things we want becasue evergy to make them is free. So we will live in a city full of usless things, so we will need a solution brake LENR use! I am kidding but is not so difficult it will be so I described.
    Pollution example is not only smoke or dirty seas. All excess aer lile pollutions.
    Imagine, with infinite energy we can trasform deserts in green gardeens. But this is pollution too if without control. SO who control?
    Rememeber, man always use thecnology without worring of limits. When want limits is late

  • Jim says:

    “Another benefit is that we could shut down some of the environmental protection bureaucracies because they’d no longer be needed.”

    You wish. Sadly, no government department ever gets closed or shrunk unless a new bigger one is created to replace it.

    Btw, those stupid facebook and stumbleupon tags on this page need to go. They make it difficult to read the text, including the CAPTCHA! If you MUST have them on the page, put them on the RIGHT side. Better yet, on the bottom or top, and don’t make them follow the screen. That’s just annoying.

  • kwhilborn says:

    Water Desalination would add many lives to the total presented in this article.

    It will be great to breath deep fresh country air in the middle of major cities, but changing ocean water into farmwater and drinking water will also save as many lives.

    So we have covered Breathing and dirty/lack of water illnesses…

    What about global warming. I know there are those who say it is not real, but this will significantly lower our footprint on the ecosystem either way.

    • jennifer says:

      You’re right about that. I’ve commented on Global Warming elsewhere but it’s only bad effect of air pollution.