How LENR could Transform Civilization

Sometimes writers like everybody else misses the big picture because we are too busy concentrating on mundane day to day events. A lot of us who cover low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) tend to do that when we concentrate our coverage on the latest announcement from an inventor, gatherings of professionals or worse internet rumors and ignore the consequences of what we write about.

I must confess that I am just guilty of this practice as anybody else, so I will use a little history lesson to remind us of why LENR or cold fusion could be important. Basically LENR has the potential to transform our entire civilization.

If you look back at the major developments in human history over the past few centuries you will find that new sources of energy were the cause of the greatest changes. A few examples of these transformations include:

  • Sailing ships or better sailing ships which led to the age of exploration, global trade and the European “discovery” and conquest of the Americas and Australia. Many countries including the United States only exist today because an improved means of powering ships was developed in late Medieval times. What is interesting about this development was that it resulted from improvements to technologies that had existed for centuries; ships and sails, rather than a new invention.


  • Steam engines. These transformed transportation by making it possible to move goods and people without wind or animal for the first time. The results of steam included the Industrial Revolution, and a massive growth in the world’s population because for the first time food could be shipped cheaply and quickly across oceans and continents.

  • The internal combustion engine which enabled the development of other transformative technologies such as the automobile and the airplane. These technologies disrupted virtually every aspect of human life from family to government to war to the economy.


  • Electricity which enabled the development of modern communications, modern manufacturing, information technology, computers and much more.


If LENR lives up to some of the hype it could be just as transformative because it could give people access to vast amounts of incredibly cheap power that does not create pollution. It probably will not solve our problems but it will transform our lives and our entire civilization.

Some ways LENR could transform civilization would be to make many activities which are now cost prohibitive cheaper and available to all. For example the train, the steamship, the automobile and the airplane made travel for pleasure once something only the rich did accessible to the average person. The internet enables almost anybody to access a vast library of information, in many cases ordinary people today have access to more and better information about many subjects than the wealthy had a generation ago.

A power source like LENR could make home generation of electricity now cost prohibitive economically viable. It could also make activities like desalination which are now cost prohibitive cost effective.

Obviously we do not know the nature of this transformation or the true capabilities but we do one thing. A practical LENR device would transform our civilization in ways we may not yet anticipate.


4 Responses to How LENR could Transform Civilization

  • I see many new characteristic of LENR :

    The first is a lower price of energy. This is an economical solution. It is also fully controllable, solving the intermitence problems, and very dense solving the land occupation problem and environmental impact.

    the second is huge density allowing huge autonomy, allowing new application on long periode, like long (month) endurance drone, decade maintenance devices.

    The thirsd is the availability of the fuel and catalyst. The geostrategy will be much simplified, inducing reduction of many facts. Cost as pollution will also be greatly reduced.

    the fourth is a consequence of energy density and fuel availability, it is the possibility to make people, countries, communities, independent of international cartel of energy, of they own corrupted government and elite, of international regulation designed to prevent competition…
    It will also allow many lost communities to enter into the global market, being able to beild factories, to grow crops, and sell them, in place where it was impossible by lack of infrastructure.

    no needed grid, no needed government, no needed huge capital. with help of the new banking based on crowdfunding, factories in Africa could be build and sell through cheap truck and cargo drone, products to e-bay like platforms reaching the clients by amazon-like drones…

    It will probably challenge the existence of “nation state” as we know it, because all that local community will need is international laws to manage conflicts and prevent cartelization of the new economy.

    Old economy and nation-state is a consequence of the huge neede of capital to build production infrastructure, like powerplants, like mega-factories, and linked to that salaried people depending on a centralized management, and thus protected by workers unions supported by centralized government.

    3D printing with LENR energy, bot-vehicles, supported by decentralized/networked e-bay/airbnb platforms, funded by crowdfunding banks, will allow self-entrepreneurs to be autonomous and responsible.
    Probably in that system will emerge a basic income (and bankruptcy laws), giving a safety net for people, so they are in fact more able to take entrepreneurial risks, giving them more autonomy, more capacity to follow their ideas. No boss, no state, just small business

    This is, I hope, the end of the crony and comfortable association of crony capitalism, demagogic politic , and nation state, exploiting zombified salarymen and voters.

    Salary will disappear like slavery and feudal economic model. LENR will power that revolution, locally.

    • jennifer says:

      We do not have a feudal economic model although I’m sure ISIS wants to recreate it. I agree it’ll totally transform the economy and disrupt everything. If it works LENR will disrupt everything although it may not produce the utopia you want. One result of it and 3D printing would be that thugs like ISIS would be able to produce all the weapons they want at a low cost and wreak more havoc than ever before. Drones we’ll have to wait and see. I wonder what LENR and hyperloop would be like.

  • If you think about the effects of inexpensive data processing (via computers) over the past 50 years you might get an idea about how LENR might change things.

    50 years ago, data processing was expensive and precious. Now we all have virtually unlimited ability to process data quickly. Our society is still reverberating from the effects of this ability, as new applications continue to be developed (most recently in the field of social engineering).

    I would imagine that cheap plentiful safe power generation might be even a bit more of a change and inspire developments in ways that we can’t predict.

    • jennifer says:

      I agree 100%. One result of cheap data processing all manner of new industries and disruption every where. IE it totally transformed retail and banking and made international investment markets possible. It’ll be incredible folks.