How Long Will It Take to Adopt the Energy Catalyzer?

Many of us are probably wondering how long will it before Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer is in use in your home or neighborhood? Unfortunately, that’s a difficult question to answer because the adoption period for new technologies can vary widely.

It usually takes quite a while for new technologies to reach the average person. Many of us assume the technologies explode out of nowhere but they have often been around for quite awhile before they touch our lives.

The automobile was invented in the 1880s but it did not become feasible for the average person to own until Henry Ford brought out the Model T around 1910. In some parts of the world such as Afghanistan the automobile has only gone into wide use in the last couple of decades.

Other revolutionary technologies have taken a long time to adopt. The basic technology for television was available in the 1930s but television did not reach most American homes until the 1950s. Color television was available in the US as early as 1959 but did not premier in Britain until 1970. The internet was invented in 1969 but most people did not become aware of it until the 1990s.

My guess is that it will take awhile for the energy catalyzer to enter our lives. Defkalion is about to go into production with the first consumer device a heating system called the Hyperion. If that works we could see catalyzers all over the place, particularly in people’s basements in areas with colder climates.

It will then take awhile for it to be to other uses such as powering vehicles or factories. Andrea Rossi is planning to build energy catalyzer generators in Italy that could be used in factories, ships and trains.

Therefore it will be probably be a few years before you see the energy catalyzer in your neighborhood. Then of course you may not notice the e-cat by then, because it will have become ubiquitous by then.

2 Responses to How Long Will It Take to Adopt the Energy Catalyzer?

  • John De Herrera says:

    “My guess is it will take awhile for the energy catalyzer to…”
    “It will be probably be a few years before you see…”

    Unwarranted pessimism. My 40+ years career was mostly in application of science and technology and I can see an incredibly rapid production of e-cats for home and industrial heaters. The e-cats are so simple and at this time are being mass produced!!!

  • John De Herrera says:

    Perhaps the things to avoid are the Government Regulators who will put roadblocks in front of selling e-cats. Like “Oh these are Fusion Power Plants” and “We need to thoroughly test and validate for safety”. “That will cost you millions of dollars, Mr. Rossi. You can not start selling these dangerous heaters until we say it is safe”.

    On the other hand Rossi is saying he has no proof these are Fusion Reactors, just very good water heaters and they are tested and safe for production. The world really needs these marvelous water heaters so let the production and sales begin!!!