How safe is the E-Cat?

With the tsunami and the troubles at the Fukushimia nuclear plant in Japan many people are wondering how safe E-cat cold fusion really is. The answer is that E-cat is far safer than traditional nuclear power because it does not use nuclear or radioactive fuels.

In an interview with a Swedish magazine, E-cat inventor Andrea Rossi stated that his creation uses no nuclear material and generates no radiation. That means it does not produce the most dangerous potential side effect of nuclear power namely radiation. There is no possibility of a radiation leak nor is there any possibility of terrorists or other bad guys using it to make weapons.

The only potential danger from E-cat is the hydrogen gas it produces. In the interview, Rossi stated this would escape into the air if the reactor shut down and would not be a fire hazard.

It should be noted here that most people in Europe, North America and elsewhere already have flammable gas in their homes. Gas stoves and furnaces run on natural gas or propane both of which are flammable. The hydrogen produced by E-cat would no more dangerous than the energy source people use in their homes and businesses everyday.

Indeed E-cat could make homes safer because its use could reduce the use of gas for generating heat for homes. Instead of pumping in potentially flammable gas, people could generate heat with E-cat. That would eliminate the need for propane tanks and for natural gas pipelines both of which are potentially very dangerous.

2 Responses to How safe is the E-Cat?

  • John De Herrera says:

    Researchers are constantly testing for fusion reaction products in order to verify that this is a fusion process. If there were any dangerous amounts of radiation products, we would know about it immediately. Therefore we should rest assured that this is a safe and effective water heater.

    • jennifer says:

      Since it has not been tested as a water heater we so don’t know how safe or effective it will be. As for side effects we will have to use it and test it for years to learn everything about it. This is a totally new technology which will have unknown results. Still its effects seem to do far less harm than other forms of energy (it does not contribute to Greenhouse etc. I agree there does not seem to be dangerous radiation.