How the E-Cat Will Benefit the Average Family

The energy catalyzer could save the average US family $2100 in heating costs

There are many ways that the energy catalyzer could improve the life of the average family.

The first and most obvious is by eliminating your heating bill and your bill for heating hot water. The US Department of Energy estimates that the average American family spends $2,100 to keep warm every winter. If an energy catalyzer could be used instead, the family would only have to pay for the device itself and a few dollars worth of nickel and hydrogen to run it with.

The e-cat would generate all the heat that the family needs and heat their hot water as well. The family would get a $2,100 a year income boost by installing an energy catalyzer.

If this was not enough, the energy catalyzer would enable you to say goodbye to your electric bill as well. Andrea Rossi estimates that it costs 1¢ to generate a kilowatt hour of electricity with the e-cat. The average American family paid 11.5¢ for a kilowatt hour of electricity from the grid in 2011. That means a family could cut its electric bill by 90% by hooking up an e-cat.

The energy catalyzer means more of this for the average family

You could even make money instead Defkalion estimates that a family could make $2,000 a year selling electricity produced by e-cat back to the grid. In the United States, utilities are required to buy electricity you produce.

That means the income of a family using the e-cat would increase. They could stop spending several thousand dollars for heat and power each year and generate additional income making and selling electricity.

Now obviously there are other factors that could cut into this. We do not know how much it cost to buy or install the e-cat. Nor do we do know the specifications for its long term operation. So there might be other cost we don’t know about. There will definitely be the expense of installing a steam or hot water heating system. Another expense is that of wiring the e-cat to the grid.

Finally, we don’t know what the cost of maintaining the energy catalzyer and its support systems will be. So the savings might not be as great as I’ve mentioned here. Still if they are a third or a fourth of what I’ve estimated here the e-cat will greatly enhance the lifestyle of the average family. And that’s just the average family in Europe or North America, think what it will do for the poor in other parts of the world.

3 Responses to How the E-Cat Will Benefit the Average Family

  • Jay says:

    The frustrating thing, though, is that the makers of these small-scale nuclear reactors, that are perfectly sized and perfectly suited for home use, are applying the technology to industrial uses instead, where the technology is not yet very practical.

    Massive parallel and series e-cats must be ganged together to produce a modest 350kw for industrial use, yet Rossi et. al., and Piantelli have announced they will pursue this market first.

    We have our crony-capitalist governments to thank for this upside-down application of cold fusion technology. It is unlikely they will issue permits for home sales and use. Utility companies will be able to increase their profit margins while the home user will see little benefit.

  • tim says:

    …. after all it is about $$$. Here’s hoping the homeowner will have access to this technology.

    • jennifer says:

      If it is real we will, despite what the conspiracy theorists think you cannot suppress useful technology. If it works it gets out. Xerox didn’t want to do anything with personal computers but a guy named Steve Jobs saw them and I think you know the rest of the story.