Industrial Heat Owner Thinks LENR Will End Pollution

There is a lot going on in the world of cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) even if no earth-shattering developments have been reported. Some of the current highlights in the field include:

  • The 19th Annual International Conference on Cold Fusion or ICCF is going in Padua, Italy, in Andrea Rossi’s backyard. Surprisingly Rossi is not there but Alexander Parkohomov is. The Russian physicist had a long discussion with Alan Smith of E-cat World about his replication of Rossi’s ecat technology in which he revealed some of the details. Interestingly enough, Parkohomov noted that he does not use iron in his reaction so he might have just revealed the real secret to Rossi’s secret sauce to the world. The secret sauce is the formula that makes the reaction possible, if lack of iron is it, Parkohomov might have told others how to replicate ecat.


  • Our friends from Brillouin Energy turned up at ICCF and presented a paper on their technology. They explained the theory behind their technology something called Electron Capture Reaction which enables them to control the reaction. They revealed that Thomas Claytor, a research scientist who formerly worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico the place where the atomic bomb was invented tested their device and detected production of tritium which verifies their hypothesis.


  • Brillouin is also apparently in discussion with companies about commercializing its hot tube technology, E-cat World reported. Unfortunately the blog did not reveal which companies Brillouin is talking to or what the commercial uses of LENR would be.

Cherokee CEO Reveals Plans to End Pollution with LENR

Tom Darden

The most intriguing speech at ICCF 19 was delivered by an investment banker; Tom Darden the CEO of Cherokee Partners which owns Industrial Heat the company that bought the rights to ecat. Darden described Industrial Heat as a funding source for LENR.


Darden called LENR a paradigm shift. He challenged whe he called the traditional “ethos of environmentalism” The idea that being less bad is the ultimate good. Then he went onto give a great explanation of LENR and why it is necessary.


“We need solutions that do not create pollution in the first place,” Darden said. “Not marginal improvements that only reduce pollution.”


“We actually live in a world of abundance at least with respect with to energy,” Darden said. “Why do we burn petroleum or coal which only unlocks only a tiny fraction of the true energy inside.”


“We need a new paradigm,” Darden said. He revealed that he had studied environmental law in order to protect the world before going into business.


Darden admitted that he has been working to create carbon neutral production of electricity for over 30 years. He described how his company buys up polluted properties and cleans them up. Among other things, Darden financed the development of a process that cleans up contaminated dirt with bacteria.


“I saw that we could affect pollution by working with smart scientists,” Darden said. Since 1985 Cherokee has invested in over 100 companies that develop new technologies to affect pollution. “We realized that we could find scientists with ideas.”


“My primary goal is to reduce pollution,” Darden said. Darden revealed that he regularly goes to countries like China and Russia where he tries to help governments and business adopt new technologies to reduce pollution.


Cherokee began researching LENR a little over 10 years ago when he received three inquires about cold fusion. Darden revealed that he thought cold fusion was dead when he first heard the inquiries but changed his mind after looking into the science. He also revealed that Cherokee is financing a variety of LENR research but the only specific technology he mentioned was Rossi’s.


Darden also predicted that it will be business that will launch the LENR revolution and bring it to the world.


“But recall that commerce has long proven to be the primary engine of change in every technical endeavor,” Darden said. “We started Industrial Heat because we believed that LENR technology was worth pursuing even if we were unsuccessful. We were willing to be wrong we were willing to invest time and resources to see if this would be a useful technology in our quest to reduce pollution.”


Darden also promised to work with large companies had help them adopt and commercialize LENR. Mr. Darden wants to work with a wide variety of scientists in his efforts to develop LENR and fund lots of experiments.


“We believe that may be at last on the verge of a new paradigm shift one that would create new opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship one that would advance the cause of abundance in the face of scarcity,” Darden said.


It looks as if Tom Darden is the most important man in the world of LENR. He could be the one who commercializes it and brings it and brings it to the mainstream.

A special thanks goes out to our friends at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project who generously posted a video of Mr. Darden’s speech on YouTube for all to enjoy.

4 Responses to Industrial Heat Owner Thinks LENR Will End Pollution

  • Gordon Docherty says:

    More on what Tom Darden had to say can be found at:

Interview with

  • David Brady says:

    The first and second E-Cat published test results and the now published Parkomov test data are probably the most important events since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Taken together the results confirm the viability of LENR effects and are the most “earth-shattering” thing imaginable. This technology will wipe out the fossile fuel industry, the hot nuclear fission industry as well as the hot nuclear fusion industry, liberate humanity from the tyranny of all oppressive governments, and save humanity from a global warming extinction event. If you failed to read and understand the published LENR material and recognize its profound implications you must be a journalist. To open your piece with “even if no earth-shattering developments have been reported” is not only misleading its a false statement. Please, leave the judgments to other more responsible persons and spare you readers from your half-baked opinions. Just cover the “highlights” because you apparently lack the ability to understand whatever it is you read.

    • jennifer says:

      I want to see working devices producing power, not just tests. An industrial revolution occurs with mass production not with tests. I hope you are right and it will wipe out fossil fuels. I understand its profound implications, I also understand that we need to prove what is claimed in the material. I stand by what I wrote nothing earth shattering occurred there. We’ve known about the ecat tests for months and we covered them. Unfortunately, LENR’s real potential as a power source has not yet been demonstrated. We have only barely scratched the surface of this technology.