Interesting News from Defkalion Press Conference

Some very interesting things were revealed at Defkalion’s Athens press conference according to reporter Marianne Macy of Infinite Energy Magazine. Defkalion Green Technologies is the Greek company that plans to manufacture and market heating systems and other devices powered by Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer cold fusion device. Unfortunately the conference was ignored by English language media so we have to rely on accounts like this.

The highlights of the conference include:

• Three energy catalyzers are undergoing tests in industrial facilities according to Alexandros Xanthoulis of Defkalion. One of these is in the cement industry Xanthoulis said the cost of using the Energy Catalyzer was 50,000 Euros ($71,835 USD) compared to the normal process that cost 500,000 ($718,350.00 USD) Euros. Xanthoulis did not say what the normal process was or say where this was going on.

• The e-cat is also being tested in the canning industry. Xanthoulis said the e-cat cut the cost of making a can of apricots from 85¢ to 50¢.

• A family that employed Defkalion’s Hyperion energy catalyzer powered heating unit to heat a 200 square meter (220 square foot) house would make $2,000 a year selling electricity back to the power grid. This would apparently be in the USA where the law requires power companies to buy excess electricity produced by private individuals.

• Greek scientist and diplomat Christos Stremmenos ,who is a Defkalion board member. said it cost between 4,000 and 5,000 euros ($5,746.80 to $7,183.50 US) to install an energy catalyzer heating system in a 200 square meter (656 square foot) home.

• Defkalion is in negotiation with potential customers in 17 different countries, Xanthoulis said. He did not name the countries.

• The Energy Catalyzer could be used for desalination (taking salt out of seawater and making it into freshwater) which requires a lot of heat Xanthoulis said. This could help end water shortages in some parts of the world including island nations.

• A Chinese official named Hauard Chen who was described as the Deputy Director of the China Research Center for Public Policy attended the event and was photographed with Andrea Rossi. I could not find out what the China Research Center for Public Policy is , the website described it as a prominent government Think Tank in the People’s Republic of China.

• No US government officials were apparently present at the event. Nor were any officials of any major government except China’s.

• A group of unidentified representatives from Chile were at the event. The representatives said they wanted to buy the e-cat for power generation in that nation. Chile does produce nickel so it would benefit from e-cat utilization.

• Defkalion’s website got so much traffic after the press conference that it crashed.

• Macy reported that a representative from the Associated Press or AP the main news syndicate in the US and Canada attended the press conference. This was apparently wrong the AP is not listed in the official conference attendendes at the Dekfalion website. Nor has any story about this appeared under an AP byline in any major English language newspaper.

• Defkalion is an entirely privately funded company. Xanthoulis said it his company was getting no government money. Instead it is being funded by nine people of Greek descent who were concerned about their homeland and wanted to help it. He did not identify these people but said they were part of Praxon. Xanthoulis did not say what Praxon was.

• The Greek minister of energy and industry attended the press conference.

• The Defkalion factory in Xanthi in Northern Greece will be partially robotic.

Note the whole press conference was videotaped and posted on Youtube. Unfortunately it’s in Greek, a language that I don’t speak. If you want to see it check Defkalion’s website. The conclusion of the conference is posted below.

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