Interesting Posts at Rossi’s Blog

Although nothing but rumors and wild speculation, have been flying in the greater cold fusion community as of late. Some interesting things have been going on at Andrea Rossi’s official blog The Journal of Nuclear Physics. Here are some highlights of what has been happening there.

Andrea Rossi and the 1 MW e-cat unit in Bologna courtesy EV World

As December 17, 2011, the Journal was partially down although some of the recent posts were available if you clicked on November 2011. A post from Rossi at the E-cat report blog stated that the Journal had been attacked and was unavailable. He didn’t say who was responsible for the hacking but stated his IT guy was working on it. One has to wonder if one of the many e-cat critics out there has taken his hatred to Rossi to the next level and is trying to sabotage him.


Here are some of the highlights of what Rossi has written in response to guests:


  • Rossi plans to publish the theory behind e-cat and presumably details of its operation when he gets patent protection. He didn’t say what patent this would be. Rossi already has an Italian patent and he has applied for US and European Union patents. Here’s what he said:


Dear Paolo Accomazzi:
I will publish the theory when I will have the protection of a granted patent, because the theory introduces to the confidential issues of the technology.
Warm Regards,


  • Rossi is taking orders for 10KW (kilowatts of heat not electricity) home e-cat boilers. Note this device is not in production yet. Rossi has said it will go into production if he gets 10,000 orders. An earlier post said the price would be 400 euros ($521 US). Those who post such orders will be contacted by Rossi’s sales departments when sales begin. He did not say when sales would begin. You can place an order to this e-mail:


[email protected]


  • Rossi also confirmed that he is heating his factory in Bologna where the e-cat is manufactured with a low energy nuclear reaction device.


Andrea Rossi

December 15th, 2011 at 3:48 PM

Dear Gaifas:
Yes, we heat up the factory where we work with an E-Cat.
Warm Regards,

Note Signor Rossi presented no evidence to verify this statement. If true it is very exciting news. We could use such a heating device in the US many families can no longer afford to heat their homes in some areas.


Somebody sent in this youtube clip which shows scientists from the US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command talking about twenty of research on mini explosions in various metals. The explosions were presumably caused by a low energy nuclear reaction.

It was given at the University of Missouri on May 29, 2009. University of Missouri Vice Chancellor of Research Dr. Robert Duncan (a physicist) has been shown a lot of interest in cold fusion efforts. He’s even asked for a national effort investigate the phenomenon in the US and discussed it on CBS’s 60 minutes news program. Duncan has even encouraged cold fusion research at his university.


Some interesting are going on and at least Rossi has clarified his position. He will make  e-cat available  for scientific investigation when he has legal protection for his invention. He isn’t willing to let anybody even respected scientists steal his confidential information. That seems reasonable given the vast profits that are possible.



6 Responses to Interesting Posts at Rossi’s Blog

  • Karl-Heinz Braun says:

    Rossi said the price of his 10 kW unit will be 400 €/kW. So this is 4000 € for the unit.

  • Meier says:

    December 18th, 2011 at 3:37 AM

    Dear Ing. Rossi
    navigating articles about your activity, I noticed that some of them are indicating a cost for the home e-cat of 400 Euros (521 USD), omitting “/kW thermal”. This is not correct, as you stated clearly that the cost is 400 Euros FOR 1 (one) kW thermal. So the cost for the 10 kW e-cat unit will be 4.000 Euros.
    My best regards
    Andrea Rossi
    December 18th, 2011 at 3:46 AM

    Dear Giovanni:
    You are right, the minimum price we will reach when we will manufacture in big scale will be around 400 Euro/kW. This is our target price.
    Warm Regards,

  • Brad Arnold says:

    I predict that Rossi will shift from building a manufacturing company from the ground up to promoting his company as it’s figurehead. Furthermore, as Leonardo and Defkalion sell thousands of units the names of some of the customers will have to leak out and we will be able to view working LENR generators in the field.

    In other words, we are just some months away from successful commercialization, and large corporate interest. This, not the formula for Rossi’s “Italian Sauce” will speed rapid LENR integration. The primary hangup is psychological, not technological to our converting our entire economy to LENR from the much more expensive (and polluting) fossil fuels.

    • jennifer says:

      I think the formula is out there. Rossi seems to be behaving as you note. I agree successful commercialization is coming it will be slow painful but it is almost is here. I might also note that commercialization seems to be the only way to get this technology out there is commercialization. I think the hangup is largely economic, LENR has not been proven yet. It will have to be demonstrated that it can deliver those results before it is widely adopted.

  • “He isn’t willing to let anybody even respected scientists steal his confidential information. That seems reasonable given the vast profits that are possible.”

    There are other ways to think about that, like I posted on Rossi’s Journal site on January 22nd, 2011, and reposted here:
    “The key point here is that breakthrough clean energy technologies will change the very nature of our economic system. They will shift the balance between four different interwoven economies we have always had (subsistence, gift, planned, and exchange). Inventors who have struggled so hard in a system currently dominated by exchange may have to think about the socioecenomic implications of their invention in causing a permanent economic phase change. A clean energy breakthrough will probably create a different balance of those four economies like toward greater local subsistence and more gift giving (as James P. Hogan talks about in Voyage From Yesteryear). So, to focus on making money in the old socioeconomic paradigm (like by focusing on restrictive patents) may be very ironic, compared to freely sharing a great gift with the world that may change the overall dynamics of our economy to the point where money does not matter very much anymore. “

    • jennifer says:

      I hope you’re right. Unfortunately I cannot see a technological breakthrough no matter how great could change basic human nature. My guess is that capitalism is here to stay (because it works) no matter how some people are uncomfortable with it. I must also note that we still live in the old economic system and most of us need money for things like food, clothing, and housing. Scientists are no different. I might also note Ross is not freely sharing a great gift. He’s trying to make a living like the rest of us. I for one cannot see how an economic system not based on exchange can work. The only place I’ve heard of one working is on Star Trek. My guess is that the post e-cat economy will be much the same as the one we have now.