Is Jet Energy preparing to Market its NANOR LENR Device?

It appears that JET Energy Inc. could be laying the groundwork to start marketing Mitchell Swartz’s NANOR low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or lattice-assisted nuclear reactions (LANR) technology. Swartz has apparently copyrighted the word NANOR and is now advertising JET Energy NANOR-type LANR Technology at this website.

Mitchell Swartz test his devices.

“NANOR®-type Clean Energy Technology depends upon lattice assisted nuclear reactions (LANR) which use hydrogen-loaded alloys to create heat,” a blog post at the website states. Okay that sounds like LENR to me, but if Mr. Swartz wants to use the term LANR so be it.

For those of you who have not been paying attention, NANOR is the LANR device that Swartz demonstrated and tested in Peter Hagelstein’s laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT for three months in 2012. It ran continuously every day and produced excess energy much like Andrea Rossi’s ecat.

Swartz Licensing LANR Technology

Interestingly enough Swartz is offering some licenses of this technology, the JET Energy website indicates. He is also advertising CHERRY Technology which provides CTP Data Analysis for LANR and LENR systems.

What is not clear from the web site is if Swartz has a working device that can generate electricity or not. He has made claims that he has produced one in the past in his MIT symposiums.

Swartz told e-cat world’s Frank Acland that he is very busy testing new NANOR type CF/LANR components at two sites. Swartz is also preparing a new generation of NANOR called the Series 8.

That sounds as if Swartz could be much closer to developing an LENR or LANR process than we thought. I wonder if the Series 8 will be commercialization of NANOR or simply testing.

One has to wonder if Swartz will let somebody replicate his work or not. It looks as if we are much closer to commercialized LANR than the skeptics think. One has to wonder which researcher will be the first to get this technology to market?



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