Is the Cold Fusion Revolution Here?

There seems to be a lot happening in the world of cold fusion/low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) right now. So we can now rightly say that a cold fusion revolution could be beginning.

Some of the most important developments include:


  • Peter Hagelstein and Mitchell Swartz’s 2014 Cold Fusion Independent Activities Period (IAP) Course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in January. Jerry Rys the Alien Scientist blogger attended the course and created a great video about it which does an excellent job of describing cold fusion what cold fusion is and laying out its early history. In particular Rys does a tremendous job of describing the science in such a way that even a history major like me could understand.


He doesn’t seem to be up on recent developments but hopefully that will change. The video is worth watching and showing to cold fusion skeptics. He also makes one important point:

Mitchell Swartz at work

“While critics and skeptics like to call cold fusion pathological science in light of recent events it seems that their denial is pathological,” Rys says of the skeptics. Rys seems to hit the nail on the head here. Rys has posted all of Swartz and Hagelstein’s lectures on his website.


He notes that Swartz started out as a skeptic who was out to debunk LENR. After doing some real research Swartz became a true believer and recently launched NANORTech a company working to commercialize cold fusion. Swartz has essentially been blacklisted by big science they’ll probably forgive him when he makes a billion dollars.


The IAP is really a set of lectures and not a course. There is no credit attached, Hagelstein himself noted that working in LENR can destroy your scientific career in Big Science.

Scenes from the 2014 MIT Cold Fusion IAP

  • Yet another cold fusion patent has been granted by the US Patent Office to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. USA.


EP 1202290 B1 issued on December 4, 2013, issues a patent for a “Nuclide Transmutation Device and Nuclide Transmutation Method” which would be used as a disposal process for long lived nuclear waste.


The US Patent Office it seems has quietly changed its mind about cold fusion and one of the world’s largest corporations is interested in it. I wonder what the big oil conspiracy theorists will make of this.

  • NASA is still showing a lot of interest in LENR aircraft. Its Aeronautics Research Institute discussed an LENR aircraft. A slide from the conference shows a giant aircraft called a comfortable global transport with a flight range of 12,500 miles and minimal noise pollution. It also mentions an autonomous package delivery package in other words a drone. That sounds like the US Air Force is interested in LENR.


  • Over in the United Kingdom Her Majesty’s military like the Pentagon is also interested in LENR. A PDF document put out by the UK’s Ministry of Defense called Global Strategic Trends Out to 2040 actually mentions LENR as something that strategists should worry about. It states:


“For example, the development of commercially available cold fusion reactors could result in the rapid economic marginalization of oil-rich states. This loss of status and income in undiversified economies could lead to state-failure and provide opportunities for extremist groups to rise in influence.”


Basically British generals and admirals think a new energy source is about to appear and that energy source will cause the collapse of states and governments reliant on oil profits such as Venezuela, Nigeria Saudi Arabia and Russia. It names that energy source as cold fusion.


That means the cold fusion revolution will be neither peaceful nor entirely beneficial. It will bankrupt some people and could increase political instability. The military men it seems believe in cold fusion if the so called scientists do not.


One Response to Is the Cold Fusion Revolution Here?

  • Michael Boyter says:

    Cold Fusion is the wave of the future. Dirty Oil Technologies like Fracking, which result in massive use of fresh water resources and large scale aquifer pollution signal the death throws of the oil industry. Now that America is producing more oil than Saudi Arabia, their days as a world power tied to a pipeline full of oil are definitely numbered. Personally I think that the LENR Revolution will bankrupt that Corrupt and Polluting Oil Industry Oligarchs and give the natural world a chance to recover from the endless decades of Pollution. May all the Climate Deniers eat the oil sludge and toxic Coal Dust and drink the chemicals used in fracking for their personal Water Supply. Nothing would be sweeter than to have the large fracking tower shoved right up the EXxon/Mobile Ceo’s Kazoo and spew their toxic brews all over his cattle’s grazing fields and the waters of Mr Exxon’s private pool ooze with purple chemicals he and his company disperse to the rest of the world drinking supply. What’s the matter Rex? Can’t you take some of your own medicine, You fricking Hypocrite.