Italian High School Students Build Cold Fusion Device

Cold fusion or LENR devices are apparently much easier to build than some people assume. An Italian high school science teacher and his students have reportedly built, tested and patented a device similar to that used by Pons and Fleischman to start the low energy nuclear reaction movement back in 1989.

Athanor workshop at Pirelli High School in Rome

The teacher an engineer named Ugo Abundo had students in a science class at Leopoldo Pirelli High School in Rome build what he calls an Athanor LENR reactor. The device is supposed to be an electrolytic cell that produces a coefficient of power or cop of 400%. That means it put out 4x times the energy that goes into it.

Pirelli High’s website gives a slightly different version of events. It states that a group of students took part in a sun lab overseen by four teachers. They apparently built and tested five LENR reactors one of which has been patented and will be tested by the scientific community.

These reports have not been confirmed but three unidentified Italian universities are apparently planning to run tests on the Athanor to see if the claims are true. People that want to see if these claims are true can go online and download the plans.  Instructions for building the device are on line and Sterling Allen’s Pure Energy Systems website has some links to them.

Apparently Engineer Abundo wants the Athanor to be open sourced so that the technology can be adapted and widely used much like Google’s Android operating system for mobile devices. Look at all the money Android has made for both Google and numerous mobile phone manufacturers.

This could be a picture of Athanor

Obviously it is too early to see if this has industrial applications or not. Still it’s exciting to think that next generation energy technology can be so easily created. Hopefully we’re on the verge of vast numbers of new backroom experiments with this.

What computers looked like before garage inventors like Steve Jobs entered the picture

These reports remind me of the early days of the modern computer industry in the 1970s when people like Steve Jobs were fooling around with homemade computers in garages. Their work produced vast new industries that generated astronomical amounts of wealth and created hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs. They also transformed our world and our lives by taking a massive technology that was only in the hands of big business and big government and dispersing it to the masses. Hopefully all the garage inventors in LENR and related fields will do the same.

Oh and if you’re wondering what Athanor stands for it was apparently a furnace used by alchemists. Alchemists were Medieval scientists and magicians who thought that they could make gold out of lead and achieve other miracles. Their work helped lay some of the groundwork for modern science. It seems like we live in very interesting times indeed.



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