LENR attracting a lot of Media Attention

Andrea Rossi and eCat appear in the November issue of Popular Science

Low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion has begun to attract a lot of media attention. I guess the media is finally picking up on all the developments in the field as of late.

One of the best articles appeared in the American magazine Popular Science which published an article focusing on Andrea Rossi’s ecat efforts in its November issue. The article by Steve Featherstone took a sober look at Rossi and his efforts. Featherstone apparently did some real investigation into LENR and discovered that it has real potential. He noted that NASA, DARPA, and the US Naval Research Laboratory showed interest in Rossi’s ecat device.

Featherstone also attended an LENR conference at the College of William and Mary in Virginia and noted NASA’s interest in LENR. Featherstone sat down and talked with some of the top LENR researchers including Dennis Bushnell and Robert Duncan. Bushnell had something really interesting to say he predicted that the garage inventors whom he compared to Thomas Edison will take LENR to market and bypass the scientific and engineering process.

To his credit Featherstone did visit Rossi’s facility in Bologna and talked to the man himself. Featherstone reported that Rossi told him that a Swiss industrial firm called SGS had completed tests of the 1 megawatt ecat plant Rossi is building. Rossi also claimed that he sold two more one megawatt ecat plants in September. While in Italy Featherstone also dropped in on Francesco Celani and took a look at his LENR device.

Forbes blogger and Rossi critic Mark Gibbs also posted a very good piece on Defkalion’s test results. He noted that Defkalion’s work makes LENR seem a little more real. Forbes open mindedness is always refreshing even if he often gets carried away. Gibbs also wrote a good piece noting the troubles that LENR researchers face for Network World.

Ecat Interior as seen in Popular Science

Another American magazine Discover also published a short piece noting that NASA and CERN are both looking into cold fusion. The author of that piece, Mark Anderson actually talked to NASA researcher Joseph Zawodny and he mentioned Lewis Larsen and the Widom Larsen theory.

Finally Scientific American the mouthpiece for the American scientific establishment published the usual debunking article by Jennifer Ouellete. Note she deliberately ignores NASA’s efforts. Instead of researching she just mouths the party line that cold fusion is impossible so please ignore it. This too is good because Scientific American wouldn’t be knocking LENR unless there was some attention being paid to it. Any publicity is good publicity even simplistic attack pieces.

Perhaps best of all cold fusion is getting some exposure on the big screen which will help it reach a mass audience. A company called 137 Films has made a cold fusion documentary called The Believers. From the trailer it looks like the film does a pretty good job of exposing the scientific community’s ignorant and narrow minded attack on cold fusion. The producers of The Believers are to be commended for taking a serious look at the subject and questioning the behavior of self proclaimed scientists. Hopefully the Believers will reach mass audience. It did debut at the Chicago International Film Festival where it won an award for best documentary. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a distributor yet. 137 Films is currently collecting donations so it can buy a camera for its next movie.

Cold Fusion plays a key role in another movie that hasn’t attracted much attention. A cold fusion reactor apparently plays a part in Atlas Shrugged Part 2. The official trailer shows something that looks like a cold fusion device. It also features a plot about government’s efforts to suppress the technology. Note this won’t make me pay money to see the boring and cliched thing.

Hopefully all of this attention will lead to more public interest in LENR and money invested in it. The best case scenario would be if Bill Gates who apparently has a non polluting energy source on his wish list would see the Believers or the Popular Science article and become interested in LENR. If with his money and resources got involved it could make the movie fantasies a reality.

It looks like cold fusion is about to go mainstream for better or worse. There’s no telling what will come of this but it could be the catalyst that makes the resources necessary for the development of this technology available. That will make all the publicity both good and bad worthwhile.


6 Responses to LENR attracting a lot of Media Attention

  • Robbie Robertson says:

    When there is a working unit then there will be something to talk about. to date all there has been is hot air and the regurgitation of the same story over and over again. So far I seem to remember 3 or 4 times it has been claimed units have been released to the market but in every case I know of the truth has been far removed from the claims…….To date all the results I know of amount to nothing…..That is nothing more than hot air…….

  • AstralProjectee says:

    I rememeber reading somewhere that Bill Gates does not believe in cold fusion which is not supprising. I think it would be pretty hard to change his mind, but who knows.

    • Dennis says:

      And the fact that Bill Gates doesn’t believe in it is significant how? Does his status as an entrepreneur in Computer software give him some special knowledge? Why don’t we ask Whoopee Goldberg, Michael Phelps or Sarah Palin what they think? I’m sure each would have some equally valuable, cutting edge, insight… all fine people, but hardly in a position to judge the validity of a technology about which so very little is KNOWN…

      • jennifer says:

        Simple Whopee Goldberg, Michael Phelps and Sarah Palin don’t have several billion dollars to play with. Mr. Gates does. They aren’t in a position to do anything expect spout a little hot air. Gates has real money to fund research with. He might invest some if he sees convincing evidence.

  • Rockyspoon says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Gates has already investigated cold fusion and may even be funding some level of further involvement now. A paradigm-shifting technology of this magnitude can’t be ignored for the potential is too great, but the derision that could be piled on a “mover and shaker” of Gates’ stature prevents public disclosure of such involvement.

    Let’s just wait and see what happens–far be it from us to assume we have much influence in all of this.

    • jennifer says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised either. Bill might be keeping it under wraps to keep people from bothering him. From what I’ve heard he is a pretty private guy. Bill Gates could also get Warren Buffett involved. They’re apparently big buddies. Somebody’s apparently paying for Celani’s research. Maybe it is Bill Gates.