LENR Researchers Making Slow but Study Progress

Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) researchers out there seem to be making slow but steady progress. No big breakthroughs are coming out but posts at Andrea Rossi’s blog and the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project indicate some progress is occurring.

Andrea Rossi admits that he has produced some results with his ecat LENR device that he really doesn’t understand. He recently admitted that there is a strange energy side effect. Unfortunately it’s difficult to tell what this this is because Rossi refuses to reveal the inner workings of the reactor. He claims this is because he is having a hard time getting it patented due to recent patent law changes.

Rossi has also stated that the third party verification of the ecat claims he has promised is coming. It’s unclear when because Rossi himself doesn’t know when it will be published. The Third Party investigators apparently returned to Rossi’s facilities and conducted another round of testing in Mid-January.

The open sourced Memorial Project is making more progress on its efforts to replicate and adapt the Celani LENR cells. The project’s progress blog reported that researchers at the Hunt Utility Group in Minnesota have been able to generate higher temperatures in their cells as pressures fell. New cells with new wires are assembled.

The project has also posted emails from Celani on its blog. Unfortunately not much data has been posted recently.

What these efforts prove is that the development of LENR like all technological progress is going to be a slow and steady effort that will require of patience, hard work and “blood, sweat and tears.” The progress is likely to be frustratingly slow which will probably turn off many of the instant results and free energy people.

My guess is that it will take several years of research to produce a working energy source. Just as it taken over two decades of research to reach the point where an LENR reaction can be widely duplicated. Now it’ll probably take ten years to create a controllable LENR device.

The only way to speed up the process is to get a lot of people working on LENR. That’s where the Fleischmann project has to be commended by making the Celani technology available free to researchers it enables large numbers of researchers to join in on the work.

Even Rossi’s third party report will help in this process because it will contain at least some information that other researches will be able to use. Don’t expect instant LENR to appear but don’t get discouraged because it doesn’t appear overnight. Remember the Wright Brothers didn’t fly across the Atlantic on the day after their first flight.



10 Responses to LENR Researchers Making Slow but Study Progress

  • AlainCo says:

    nice analysis.
    It will take time. anyway I’sure ther there is already industrial reactors on the bench.
    It will take time to move from the bench to the factory, and more to the home.

  • “probably take ten years to create a controllable LENR device.”
    If Rossi is telling us the truth, and his E-Cats are producing large amounts of heat energy NOW, then the manufacturing will start soon. The E-Cat is a SIMPLE device and not rocket science. We have seen Rossi building many E-Cats, so we know where his time and money are going, and independent scientists have verafied they are producing lots of heat. Improving efficiency and performance will take some time. There will be improvements in the following years. Remember the “trust but verify” slogan from recent years? We want to see an independent validation report soon, then a working reactor. jdh

    • jennifer says:

      If Rossi is telling the truth where is the evidence. LENR is simple so strangely enough is Rocket Science (it was invented by German Hobbyists and an American back room inventor in the 1920s not by NASA, the Nazis or the Soviet space agency as many people think). Even though the basic reaction is simple the process of harnessing it is complex. It’ll take time. I hope Rossi is telling the truth but I’m not betting any money on his claim.

  • Frank Zamburro says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I saw your name listed as the author, of this article, and feel, regardless of any credentials you may posses, you owe it to the readers to clear up the following.
    Is the continued promotional campaign for PONS & FLEISHMAN engineered to diminish the greatest breakthrough in human history, I.E. ANDREA ROSSI”S ecat ??? Bearing in mind that the supposed achievements by them were only theory, the facts are that they achieved nothing, please start to be objective and give credit where credit is due, all of the supposed experts who expound their profound opinions, should bear in mind that the word scientist means seeker of the truth, not members of a kangaroo court, Rossi Could be Jack the Ripper, this has no bearing on his genius, so you, et. al. please concentrate on the truth and stop trying to snow we mere mortals.


  • Thomas says:

    I still trust that AR has a bit more to offer than Celani and the MFMP- less than 10 Years required.

  • Belinda says:

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  • Gregory Lee says:

    Here we go again. Instead of help getting patents for all those ready and perfectly working devices this column advocates “slow progress” as such for next ” ten years” . YOu should be spending little more effort instigating people to rise up against those powers be for using delaying tactics and advocate for its immediate application for en mass benefit. Shame on you .

    • jennifer says:

      I’m not advocating slow or fast progress. The best way to stick it to the powers that be is to create a working device. The device appears the money appears so does mass benefit. I’m also pointing out how it is really going through trial and error. That’s how technology really works. New inventions don’t magically appear overnight (except in comic books and Star Trek).

  • Bernie Koppenhofer says:

    Good article, but a little too pessimistic. As I understand the LENR process it is pretty simple to replicate once you have the keys. Once LENR is accepted as fact, there will be an explosion of research and knowledge. Because of instant communication the time to implement will be reduced to months not years. My only worry is if we are ready for the revolution it will produce.