LENR, the Drought and Elon Musk

A power source like low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) could be more vital to our future than previously thought. Recent stories indicate that some of our present sources of energy are not adequate to meet our needs and power future technologies.

One future technology that could be powered by LENR is the hyperloop, Elon Musk’s incredibly disruptive proposal for a super-fast ground transportation system. It could whisk people and freight across the countryside at speeds of up to 700 miles per hour and it would be electric powered. Most proposals for hyperloop show that it would be solar powered but Forbes reported that an engineer designing the product for a company called Hyperloop Technologies or Hyperloop Tech estimated that solar would not generate enough power to run it.

That of course opens the door for something like LENR which would generate the kind of power that something like Hyperloop would need. Forbes also reported that Hyperlooop technologies has $8.5 million to invest in the project courtesy of its founder Silicon Valley venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar. Pishevar is also planning to raise $80 million for the project and he’s brought in some high powered help including former White House deputy chief of Staff Jim Messina – a close associate of President Obama.

Obviously hooking up with something like Hyperloop Technologies which has no direct connection to Musk would be a good move for LENR investors like Tom Darden. Another would be to connect with Musk himself who has three companies Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar City dedicated to transforming the world.

An LENR device would be an ideal means of generating electricity for Musk’s Powerwall home electricity storage devices which use lithium ion batteries. It would also be a perfect source of power for his Tesla Electric Cars. An interesting use for something like Powerwall would be to use it to power an LENR device in order to generate more electricity to charge the battery. LENR device’s like Andrea Rossi’s ecat currently need an electric charge to create the reaction.

Such a source of power could be needed soon because climate change could soon cause electricity shortages in the American West. An article by two Arizona State University professors in the journal Nature Climate Change predicted that the electricity output from coal fired power plants in states like Colorado could drop by as much as 8.8% in a ten year drought. The drought would cause such drops by drying up water the plants need to produce steam to run turbines.

The latest shot of Andrea Rossi at Work.

That means traditional sources of electricity might not be reliable in the near future making new sources of power such as LENR more important than ever. We need to devote more money and resources to it now if we don’t want to find ourselves left in the dark.


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