LLM:”Newest Cold Fusion Machine Does the Impossible … Or Does it?”

A new physical impact
-Generally, there’s a new physical result that I think was discovered in the lab far more than 20 many years back by Fleischmann and Pons [University of Utah electrochemists who had been later on derided for their work on cold fusion], said Peter Hagelstein, an MIT professor of electrical engineering and personal computer science and one of the most mainstream proponents of cold fusion research. -It was not accepted by the scientific community. It’s been laughed at and criticized. However, about the many years the impact has continued to be seen.&nbsp

-In a nutshell, it would seem that [in cold fusion] there’s a new type of approach concerned in nuclei reactions, Hagelstein instructed Life’s Small Mysteries. “The crucial big difference is that in typical nuclear physics, when nuclear electricity is introduced, it arrives out as nuclear radiation. In this process, when you make power you don’t get radiation at all, implying there’s a new physical mechanism at function.
&nbsp“If some arrangement could be manufactured we would adore to do a examination of the E-Cat at MIT to verify that it works.”


Here is Andrea Rossi´s very own Responses about the curiosity to verify the perform of E-Cat

“Andrea Rossi
Dear Mr Frank:
I acquire each day requests from all the world of Universities, Associations, Laboratories from any Country, of any kind which want to make an “indipendent” test to give us the only feasible actual validation of the technology. Should I take, 24 several hours for each day, 365days per year would not be sufficient to be so a lot validated. I respect all the wannavalidate of the Planet, but I want to remember that:
1- In October we will begin provide to our Clients our vegetation, so that the validation will be created by the Customers: they will use our vegetation 24 several hours for each day, 365 days per 12 months. That is the sole genuine validation that counts for us, also due to the fact if the plants work, Consumers will shell out us, if not, they will not spend us. The vegetation have to respect precise guarantees we gave about their performance and their safety. We are not browsing any validation. We never did. We just wished to make a very good merchandise.We have already made our public presentations, no a lot more of them will be produced. With the University of Bologna we will carry on the R&ampD plan, but not to “validate”: the validation should arrive from the marketplace. The aim of the R&ampD method with the University of Bologna, financed by us, and for that reason created with our income, is to develope our long term, not to “validate”. Not to mention the fact that the actual target of the wannabe validators, in 99 situations out of a hundred, is to get details and make industrial espionage, as by now occurred to me with an additional “validator” with whom we severed any collaboration following getting proof of the truth that info obtained from us have been used for a opposition.
2- I thank anyway Prof. Peter Hagelstein for his consideration. If the MIT is interested to our product, they can buy a plant, and make all the validations they want, for on their own, and get from it excellent heating too, throughout the challenging Bostonian winters ( I lived there for some yr, mamma mia, che freddo!)
Warm regards,

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