Low Energy Nuclear Reaction a Solution to the Dilemma of Waste Disposal

Low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) could be a solution to one of the biggest problems facing humanity waste disposal. LENR devices could greatly reduce the cost of waste disposal and even eliminate the need for many costly waste disposal efforts such as landfills.

Before modern air-pollution laws garbage disposal was a minor concern in American cities because people simply burned up most trash in incinerators and furnaces. Medical waste and biological waste were not a problem because they were quickly burned which controlled the spread of infectious disease. Obviously air pollution laws are necessary because we all like to breathe clean air so burning is not an option.

LENR or small scale hot fusion could make incineration a practical solution again. Andrea Rossi claims that his ecat LENR device can generate temperatures of around 1200 degrees Celsius for long periods of time. If this is true it could be the perfect waste disposal device. Paper famously burns at 233 degrees Celsius so an ecat incinerator could destroy large amounts of paper waste without creating any pollution.

In addition to paper an LENR device could safely destroy vast amounts of medical waste, chemical waste, and food waste all which can cause serious health problems. For example an LENR device in the basement of a hospital could destroy all the medical waste created there. That would save the hospital thousands of dollars in waste disposal fees. At some point we might have LENR incinerators in our homes or use LENR heating devices in our homes to burn up the trash we produce and eliminate our trash disposal bill.

Instead of dumping waste into the ocean or into landfills we could burn it up in our cities. It might even possible to use LENR power plants to destroy large amounts of waste. It might even possible to use LENR or small scale hot fusion to destroy nuclear waste which is becoming a major problem. That would be a far cheaper and more practical solution than burying it at Yucca Mountain.

So LENR could solve some another of the major environmental problems facing our civilization. This side effect is not totally unforeseen remember the movie classic Back to the Future in which people destroy trash in the Mr. Fusion device? Waste disposal could be yet another of the great benefits of low energy nuclear reaction. There’s also another historic precedent back in the 1890s the huge amounts of manure created by horses were thought to be a problem so nobody could solve that would destroy our cities. Within thirty years the manure and the horses were history thanks to the automobile.


6 Responses to Low Energy Nuclear Reaction a Solution to the Dilemma of Waste Disposal

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  • stefano says:

    Are u st***d or what ?
    incinerators are polluting devices even more than landfills !
    What you got in your head ? Probably a landfill itself
    If LENR can generate large amount of energy like it claims , it could open a new era of recycling . Wastes could be approached by electrolysis , recovering every single atom from electrolytic tanks

    • jennifer says:

      Not everything can be recycled. For example nuclear waste and medical waste. If LENR would be hot enough it could reduce the waste completely to ash or destroyed entirely. How is this stupid? It’d also reduce air pollution by getting rid of the need for all those diesel powered trucks used to haul waste to the landfill or the recycling center. Something that our green friends forget is that recycling itself often creates large amounts of pollution so reducing it might not be a good idea. Even if it would mean people would no longer be able to make themselves feel like they’re “doing something for the environment” by sorting their trash.

      • stefano says:

        I’m sorry , do you mean that burning radioactive material , they lose radioactivity ?
        Are you kidding ?
        And what kind of medical waste are you talking about ? Radiologist material ? I am a bit confused , you just said that radioactive materials can be addressed by incinerators . No , of course not .
        You should mean biological wastes , arent’ you ? So please , tell me why they couldnt be treated by electrolitic process , please

  • AstralProjectee says:

    looks like we are already ahead on this even without LENR. But no doubt LENR will help catalyze this up.

    Video: Military Garbage Burner Utterly Destroys Trash, With Tactical Precision

    “MAGS Gasification Office of Naval Research

    A new, compact gasification contraption can dramatically compress the things our armed forces leave behind, turning trash into ash. Marines at Camp Smith, Hawaii, are testing the new unit to verify whether it could be used at forward operating bases to cut down on landfill. The Micro Auto Gasification System, or MAGS, can bake 100 pounds of garbage and compress it into 5 pounds of ash, while creating more energy than it consumes.”

    When it says that it is creating more energy than it consumes I think it may not be LENR but that they found a way to use the gases to make a chemical reaction perhaps and not necessarily a LENR one. Even without the excess energy this would be great for our landfills and environment. This still does not mean that the ash is free of toxins. Eg metal toxins. Nickel for instance is toxic in nano powder form. So in some applications this will still have to evolve to remove the toxic metals from it before disposing of perhaps.

    I really like this tech.The next thing we need to do is find a way to recycle our rare earth minerals when we put our electronics into it. Then once most of the world has this then we can work on cleaning up the plastic soup that is stirring in our oceans and seas. (Which I think is mainly caused by other countries not the US.)

    For more on this check out the links bellow.

    Micro Auto Gasification System