Major LENR Demonstrations Held

There were two major demonstrations of little known low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) devices in the last week of January. These demonstrations spotlight lesser known companies that are fast becoming major players.

A NANOR device on display at MIT courtesy Sterling D. Allen and Pure Energy Systems

Mitchell Swartz of Jet Energy again demonstrated and lectured about his NANOR and Phusor cold fusion devices at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT on Jan. 27. The lecture was part of Peter Hagelstein’s well known Cold Fusion 101 short course which is held every year at the end of January. Videos of all the lectures and demonstrations have been posted at several websites.

Swartz has achieved some impressive results with his NANOR according to the lecture. His lecture indicates that the NANOR device is a serious rival to Andrea Rossi’s ecat and Brillouin’s hot tube. The E-Cat World blog listed some impressive accomplishments for NANOR and PHUSOR including:

• Swartz was able to use a Phusor to run a Stirling (hot air engine). The Phusor made heat which ran the engine.

• At least one NANOR operated for 12 months an entire year. Four of those months were in a public demonstration in Hagelstein’s lab at MIT.


• At least one NANOR was able to produce 80 times more energy than it consumed for a period of 30 minutes last year. To be a viable energy source a device must generate several times as much energy than it consumes.


• The NANOR that operated for 12 months produced 14 times as much energy as it consumed.


• Like the E-cat Nanors can be connected together to produce a larger power source.

Swartz has organized a new company called NANORtech to commercialize his device. He plans to start selling his Series 8 NANOR in the near future. Swartz didn’t say if he has received any venture capital or not.

This is part of Blacklight's LENR reactor courtesy Blacklight Power

The mysterious Blacklight Power held a demonstration of its plasma producing cell at its headquarters in Cranbury, New Jersey on January 28. Blacklight has denied this technology is cold fusion but the device it calls the SF-CIHT cell converts what it calls solid H20 solid fuel into “plasma power.” The company’s CEO claims the device works by sending electricity through hydrogen and solid fuel. I’m no physicist but this sure sound like cold fusion or LENR to me.

Blacklight’s web site claims the company is developing an “electric generator” that will be less than a foot in diameter but can generate 10 megawatts of electricity. The company has presented no proof of this but it has filed a patent application for it.

The company’s CEO Dr. Randell Mills has repeated these claims in an interview with our friend Sterling Allen and stated that the company will soon have a demonstration model available. Mills recently gave an interview to Allen which is well worth listening. Mills said his device is almost commercially viable. Among other things he claimed his device can make electricity directly from LENR.

Among other things, Mills claimed his technology will lead to the elimination of the grid. He claimed his power source will have energy that’s a million times as dense as that in the engine of a Formula One Racer. Yet will cost about $10 a kilowatt. Mills has made some big claims he needs to prove them.

There’s also bad news Dr. Sven Kullander one of the Swedish scientists who had observed and tested Andre Rossi’s ecat has reportedly died in his homeland. Kullander, a retired professor of High Energy Physics at Uppsala University attracted controversy by endorsing a report on the ecat’s energy output and observing the device with his colleague Hanno Essen.

Like Giuseppe Levi and Francesso Celani, Kullander was one of a small number of European physicists who were more receptive to LENR than their American counterparts. His death is definitely a loss to LENR and energy research.







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  • marcsimous says:

    Please unconfused us. I pay Electric Company 0.0749 per kwh (kilowatthour). The number I saw on the original article was $0.01 per kwh. What’s up with the $10 per kilowatt? This is a request for explanation for non electrical types.

  • Big thanks to E-Cat World [ visit ] for posting this video by musician Barry Simon of the JET Energy NANOR device running since January 2012. The video has Professor Peter Hagelstein explaining the lattice-assisted nuclear reaction LANR/cold fusion energy device.