Major US Senate Candidate has Cold Fusion Experience ties to Sidney Kimmel

Bob Kerrey courtesy AP

An important US Senate Candidate in Nebraska has worked with a cold fusion research company in the past. The Washington Examiner website reported that Bob Kerrey the Democratic candidate for an open Senate Seat in Nebraska received $800,000 for consulting work he did on behalf of Energetics Technologies an Israeli-US company doing cold fusion research.

The money was paid by the Stanley Kimmel Revocable Trust set up by textile billionaire Stanley Kimmel who is also financing low energy nuclear reaction research at the University of Missouri. Kimmel financed Energetics work, LENR enthusiasts might remember Energetics as the company featured in a 2009 story on Cold Fusion on the CBS TV networks’ popular 60 Minutes newsmagazine. Kerrey also served on the board of Kimmel’s company the Jones Group.

Unlike Randy Hekman who is seeking a Republican US Senate nomination in Michigan Bob Kerrey is a major political player. He served as Governor of Nebraska from 1983 to 1987 and served as a US Senator from Nebraska before from 1989-2001. Kerrey also made an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination for President in 1992 in which he lost to Bill Clinton.

Kerrey is also a real war hero. He was a Navy Seal and he did serve in Vietnam. He got his leg blown off and even won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions there. The Medal of Honor is the United States’ highest declaration for bravery. Kerrey is no relation to Massachusetts Senator and pseudo war hero John Kerry who was the Democratic nominee for President in 2004.

If Kerrey would win the three way race to replace Ben Nelson who is retiring from the Senate next year cold fusion and LENR could have a real champion in the Senate. Kerrey is also a nationally recognized political figure who could lend real credibility to this technology. He would definitely be in a position to get  US Department of Energy, NASA and the Defense Department to invest more money in LENR research in the Senate.

The Examiner also made some interesting revelations about Energetics founder Irving Dardik. It said Dardik was a surgeon who lost his license to practice medicine in New York State after charging multiple scleroses patients large amounts of money for a questionable cure.

So far the only other sitting political figure who has come out on behalf of cold fusion in the US is Bruce Tarr the Republican minority leader in the Massachusetts state senate. News reports indicate that Kerrey could come in third in the Nebraska race. Hopefully he’ll win because we need some real political muscle behind LENR research in the US.