More Details of Russian e-cat Replication Available

Many more details of Russian scientist Dr. Alexander Parkhomov’s efforts to replicate Andrea Rossi’s hot e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology are available courtesy of our friends at the Martin Flesichmann Memorial Project.

Some of the instruments in Alexander Parkhomov’s laboratory at Moscow's People's Friendship University

Project representative Bob Greenyer visited Parkhomov’s laboratory at the People’s Friendship University in Moscow to examine his reactor. Greenyer posted some intriguing data about the device on the Project’s Facebook page including a number of fascinating pictures.

Some of the most interesting data about Parkhomov’s work Greenyer reported includes:

  • The device reached a temperature of around 1290 degrees Celsius around 2354 degrees Fahrenheit for my fellow Americans.


  • The device might be able to reach temperatures as high as 1400 degrees Celsius or 2552 degrees Fahrenheit.

Parkohomov's LENR reactor in action.

  • Parkohomov has achieved results similar to those that Rossi’s team achieved in their test at Lugano, Switzerland in October, 2014.


  • Dr. Parkohomov uses powdered nickel in his experiments much like Rossi does. He also uses wires that contain nickel to trigger the reaction that generates the heat.

Greenyer observed a real time test of Parkohomov’s device and took a number of pictures. Like other LENR experiments the Parkohomov work is a combination of the high tech and low tech. Photographs Greenyer took show advanced scientific instruments and the reactor glowing away in a construct that looks as if it was made from an old oil drum.

The tube that's at the heart of Alexander Parkhomov’s device.

There are also pictures of tubes that look much like those Rossi has shown on his web site. It looks as if Rossi’s work is easier to replicate than we thought and that Parkohomov’s work is both sophisticated and well-funded.

Judging by Greenyer’s revelations indicate that it will not be long before we have a number of working hot LENR devices around the world. Hopefully somebody like Parkohmov will soon be able to build a device capable of making large amounts steam for electricity production.