More Indications of Global Warming Show Need for LENR

The need for forms of energy that produce no greenhouse gases such as low energy nuclear reaction is becoming more urgent. Circumstantial evidence that global warming and climate change are real and getting worse is mounting. Soon even the most vocal skeptics are going to have to change their minds.

NASA Imagery of Greenland's Ice Melt

Satellite photos indicate that Greenland’s ice cap is melting at an unprecedented rate. Around 97% of Greenland’s ice was melting in a four day period that ended on July 8. Okay that’s frightening because it seems to indicate that the nightmare scenario long pushed by climate change believers that the polar ice caps will melt is beginning. That’s bothersome because it could raise sea levels and even flood cities such as Miami and parts of New York.

There is no evidence that climate change is causing this yet but if it continues it could be an indication that nightmare is beginning. The frightening thing is that there is another major indication that the earth seems to be warming. Around 20.5% of the United States is now in drought according to the National Weather Service. Crops are dying and reservoirs are drying up even in areas such as Illinois and Nebraska which rarely see such conditions. Some towns in Illinois could soon be seeing water shortages if it doesn’t rain soon. The reason for the shortages is that rivers are drying up.

The long term effect of this could be higher food prices next year. Around 80% of the pasture and rangeland in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana (in other words America’s bread basket) is in poor condition. News stories indicate that a large percentage of America’s corn crop might not be harvested this year.

Obviously something is going on and we should be paying attention to it rather than self-styled skeptics that claim global warming is a liberal hoax. We also need to be seeking real solutions rather than listening to the hot air generators such as Fox News and Al Gore.



Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) could be one of the solutions here. Its use in power plants could greatly reduce or eliminate large amounts of greenhouse gases created by the burning of coal to generate electric power. LENR generators in homes and businesses could generate the power for electric cars. LENR could also heat our homes and cities without generating greenhouse gases.

LENR could help in other ways it could provide the power and heat necessary for desalination which could augment our water supply. There has even been speculation that LENR could be used to pull moisture out of the air so it could replace depleted water supplies.

It can also provide energy for alternative forms of agriculture such as hydroponics which can grow vast amounts of food more cheaply and efficiently than current methods. Since hydroponics is less vulnerable to weather conditions it could ensure a stable supply of food and keep prices down.

Andrea Rossi has even claimed that his ecat LENR device can now generate temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius (nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit) for long periods of time. If that’s true it means that LENR could one day replace fossil fuels such as coal in industrial processes such as smelting which could greatly reduce the danger.

That means we should definitely be spending far more money on research into real alternatives such as LENR. We should also pressure our politicians to take real action rather than waste our tax dollars on their pet projects such as solar panels, wind mills and worst of all more coal.


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