More Information about Brillouin LENR Technology Available

Brillouin Energy Corporation is making a lot more information about its low energy nuclear reaction technology available to the media. In a lengthy interview with Pure Energy Systems News’ Sterling D. Allen Robert Godez Brillouin’s chief technology officer and inventor of a process he calls Controlled Electron Capture Reactions or CECR made some very interesting revelations. Brillouin’s CEO Robert W. George II was also on hand for the interview.

The most important of these are:

  • Brillouin’s process has been independently tested and confirmed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and Dr. Michael McKubre SRI or the Stanford Research Institute. Note neither George, Godez or Allen has been able to provide confirmation of these claims which have been floating around for months.

  • Brillouin’s process is not cold fusion nor is it a low energy nuclear reaction. Instead Godes called it Controlled Electron Capture Reactions or phonon-hydrogen reactions. Godes insists that these terms are more accurate because neither fusion nor fission is involved in the process. Although Godes did insist the process is the same that Andrea Rossi, Defkalion, Nichenergy, LENUCO and Celani are using. He didn’t say whether it was the same as JetEnergy’s. For those who want more information I’ve posted two videos that supposedly outline the process here.
  • The process does not consume nickel like Andrea Rossi’s nickel-hydrogen ecat. Instead nickel is merely used as a catalyst. The process basically uses electromagnetic stimulation to turn hydrogen into helium and heat.

  • Water is apparently the fuel source. George said in the process 1.024 milliliters of water would provide as much energy as two 48 gallon drums of gasoline. He offered no verification for these claims.
  • Brillouin is developing two products based on its technology the Brillouin Boiler or hot tube. This is a wet boiler that’s already being tested at Brillouin’s facilities in Berkley, California. This boiler heats water to between 100 and 150 degrees Celsius and would be used for home or commercial heating and water heating. Brillouin also wants to build and test what it calls the Brillouin New Hydrogen Boiler which would be a dry boiler that could heat temperatures to 400 to 500 degrees Celsius. This boiler would be used to generate steam to make electricity or power machinery. It will be developed in conjunction with SRI and McKubre when Brillouin can get the funding it needs.

  • If it is perfected Godes estimates that the New Hydrogen Boiler would be able to generate electricity at a cost of 1 kilowatt per hour and generate no pollution. It could theoretically be placed in existing electric power plants. Note I have to wonder how anybody can estimate the potential costs of a technology that doesn’t exist yet. There’s no way to know how much this will cost until somebody actually builds the boiler and tests it.
  • The New Hydrogen Boiler could be used in a wide variety of industries including food processing, distillation, manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and desalination of seawater where it would greatly reduce costs.
  • George who has successfully taken several companies public and licensed technologies again said the technology could be licensed within a year if all goes as planned.

It looks like there is at least one American LENR technology that is ahead of all the others. The only problem is that Godes and George haven’t been able to get financing for it. Hopefully that will change now they’ve gone public.

3 Responses to More Information about Brillouin LENR Technology Available

  • M.Hat says:

    Quote: “Brillouin’s process has been independently tested and confirmed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and Dr. Michael McKubre SRI or the Stanford Research Institute…”

    If so, we’d be in an energy revolution. So why isn’t it mentioned anywhere in the media? Why isn’t it confirmed by Mr. McKubre? Why is oil stock still going up? Why you ask? Can’t you guess why…

    • jennifer says:

      Hard to say maybe we are in the middle of an energy revolution but the media hasn’t noticed. As for the quote I haven’t seen any proof of that. As for the media well they’ve had a long history of ignoring new technologies. (the Dayton Ohio newspaper refused to report the fact that the Wright Brothers were flying around in an airplane until hundreds of people saw them and started pointing the news out to the reporters just one example. Mr. Godes needs to prove these claims. As for stock well even if we are in a revolution people are going to be burning oil for decadesto come even if Godes is correct. Exxon is still a good buy.

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