NASA Researchers Respond to LENR Critic

The US Space Agency NASA has spent about $778,000 on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction research over the past three years. The agency plans to spend another $212,000 on cold fusion research at its Langley Research Center (LaRC) this year.

This information came from the responses that Langley senior scientist Dennis Bushnell and his colleague Joseph Zawodny to Keith Cowing of the website NASA Watch. Cowing apparently thinks that any research on cold fusion is a waste of money. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with all the money NASA spends on things like having robots driving around on Mars.

Personally I’d like to see a lot of the money taken away from the planetary exploration and some of the other things NASA does and given to Zawodny and Bushnell. They’re actually doing research that might benefit mankind. Not gathering a lot of questionable data and taking cool pictures for science nerds to gawk at.

Anyway the decision to fund Zawodny’s research was made by the Leadership Council at the Langley Research Center. This council is made up of senior scientists. The real scientists apparently think this is real science and worth investigating. Langley’s Chief Technologist also approved the research.

What LENR powered space planes or military drones might look like.

Nobody at NASA HQ is apparently involved in this research but they have been briefed. The NASA Office of the Chief Technologist and the NASA Chief Engineer have been briefed. I imagine that somebody at the Air Force, the Navy and DARPA (the Pentagon’s science agency) have also been briefed. NASA is also working with the National Institute of Aerospace in Hampton Virginia on LENR research.

In their response Zawodny and Bushnell claimed NASA is not working with contractors on this technology. That contradicts something Mr. Zawodny said in the last video about this he released. In that video he said he is working with a small company that is trying to develop an LENR space plane. The video featured animation of the plane created by a consulting company called SpaceWorks.

It should be noted here that Zawodny and the company presumably SpaceWorks could be studying LENR space planes as part of a military contract. NASA is part of the military industrial complex. Part of the reason it was created was to develop new aircraft and other technologies for the Navy and Air Force.

I have to wonder why Mr. Cowing is so upset by this. Compared to the vast amounts of money NASA has wasted on planetary exploration, the space shuttle and other projects what’s being spent on cold fusion is nothing. This research could be vital to our prosperity and it could really improve life for average people.

Hopefully no NASA administrators or Congressmen will pay attention to this nonsense. Or if they do they’ll go and talk to Bushnell and Zawodny. This is real research that could be vital to the space program’s success and survival. It needs to be continued not shut down because close minded self styled skeptics don’t like it. Hopefully some Congressman will see this and give Zawodny a few million dollars for his research.





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