New Company Marketing E-cat in Northern Europe and Beyond

A new company Hydro Fusion Ltd has apparently entered into a contract to market Andrea Rossi’s E-cat cold fusion devices in Northern Europe. Hydro Fusion is a British company that is apparently owned by four Swedish entrepreneurs. Even though it is apparently based in the UK and maintains a sales manager in Great Britain.

One of the 1MW e-cat units being marketed by Hydro Fusion at


Hydro Fusion is the company behind the mysterious website which is taking inquiries about e-cat and advertising the possibility of a 5KW home e-cat heating device. states that it is operated in association with Andrea Rossi and Rossi himself has stated the site is operated by his northern European licensee.


The Swedish publication Ny Teknik ran a story in which reporter Mats Lewan said that both and Hydro Fusion are run by four men he describes as Swedish physicists: Magnus Holm, Niclas Sandstrom, Peter La Terra and Stefan Helgesson. Lewan reported that Magnus Holm the company’s CEO has a Doctorate in Technology and Sandstrom has a PhD in Elementary Particle Physics from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology. It did not say what education La Terra and Helgesson have.

Holm told Ny Teknik that he was so impressed by the evaluation of e-cat prepared by Swedish physicists Hanno Essen and Sven Kullander that he tried to contact Rossi through Defkalion. He later met Rossi at Defkalion’s June press conference and was able to start negotiation. He then got a letter of intent from Rossi and started implement a web strategy to market e-cat.


Holm admitted that he was not sure if the e-cat works or not but was impressed by it. He said his site is taking preorders and that test products would be delivered soon. He predicted mass production of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction devices based on Rossi’s technology within two years and multiple products within three years.


Hydro Fusion apparently does not have an office or a physical address, although Peter La Terra is described as the company’s UK sales manager. Interestingly enough Holm said his company will soon open an open in Stockholm, Sweden not the UK.


The Hydro Fusion website does not mention any specific products although the site mentions both Rossi’s 1MW e-cat which is in production right now and a proposed 5KW home e-cat heating unit. Interestingly enough’s legal disclaimers mention US law which could mean it is aimed at an American audience.

Conceptual image of a an e-cat home heating unit at site courteousy

Whether this means Rossi’s deal with AmpEnergo which has a license to market e-cat in America but has made no move to do so ye is off is hard to determine. It should be noted that AmpEnergo executive Craig Cassarino told Ny Teknik that his company has no plans to market e-cat as a home heating device. That could leave the huge US and Canadian home heating market wide open for Hydro Fusion.


It looks like some legitimate businessmen consider e-cat a valid opportunity. That sounds like good news.

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  • From Spain:

    I am interested in buying the prototype of 10 Kw. But I would like to be able to verify his functioning with some demonstration, when the equipment is prepared.

    I am delighted with your project and I encourage you to continue working in this revolution.

    Thanks in advance.
    Marcos Martínez