New Jersey Company Developing Fusion Process

A New Jersey company has received a patent for a hot fusion process similar to cold fusion. Lawrenceville Plasma Physics LLC or LPP is currently testing a process it calls Focus Fusion. Focus Fusion would use dense plasma focus to achieve hot fusion using hydrogen boron fuel.

The company is currently testing its device at its facilities in Berkley Heights, in
Central New Jersey, near New York City. LPP launched its fusion experiments in 2008 and is currently refining its technology. It does have a US Patent for a method for producing X-Rays, ion beams and nuclear fusion energy.

The company’s reactor would be about the size of a garage and it could be small enough to power a small town, according to the company’s website. This fusion process is being developed by LPP’s President Eric J. Lerner who led a team of physicists that were able to generate temperatures of over 1 billion degrees with a fusion device at Texas A&M University in 2001.

The research that LPP’s process is based upon was originally funded by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is part of the US government space agency NASA. NASA has left the fusion business so LPP’s experiments are now funded privately and by donations. It has a donation button on its website so you can contribute. Lerner’s name is on LPP’s fusion patent.

Eric J. Lerner

There is no word on when or if LPP will actually try to use their device for power generation or other applications. The company is privately held and it has received around $1.2 million in funding. LPP is also trying to develop a new kind of X-ray scanning process using its technology.