New Website Out to Stop Rossi

There’s a new website dedicated to “shutting down” Andrea Rossi. Somebody named Gary Wright has put up a website called Wright apparently thinks that Rossi is a threat to Low Energy Nuclear Reaction research (LENR) and wants to stop him.

The site purports to be exposing Rossi but it has nothing I haven’t seen posted in a dozen other places. It’s sensational revelations are well known. There are no original revelations and a lot of the entries it claims to have are blank. Instead of exposing Rossi it seems to promote him on some level. It also carries this interesting little blurb.

If anything posted here is not correct please provide us the correct information so we can add that to the information here.  We DO NOT verify the accuracy of any information posted in this portion of our site.  ADMIN.

In other words the site out to tell the truth admits that it does not verify the accuracy of anything it says. So how are we supposed to trust or believe anything that we see at if they admit they do not verify it?

Once again the hypocrisy of the self-proclaimed skeptics is on display. They rant and rave against Rossi because he provides no proof of his claims. Then they turn around and do the exact same thing. If the skeptics want us to pay attention to them perhaps they should start practicing what they preach.

Another bothersome thing about is that talks about Fraud in 2012 concerning ecat Australia. Only one problem with that there is no evidence that any sort of fraud has been committed on the part of Ecat Australia. If they had proof of it why don’t they tell the police down under so they can investigate and see if a crime is going on before alleging it.

The site also contains Lyrics from the Man of La Mancha (an old Broadway musical about Don Quixote). Besides making it silly and hard to read I can’t see a point for that.


Despite that shutdownrossi is worth reading because it does contain a lot of information including copies of a manual for Rossi’s 1 megawatt ecat unit and a license agreement for E-Cat Australia. The license agreement names Roger Green of e-cat Australia as a representative of E-cat Technology India Limited. I don’t see how that proves fraud or anything else.

I don’t know who Gary Wright is but he apparently has another site called the Open Source LENR Project. He’s apparently trying to get a group of people together to work on an LENR device. I hope he spends more time on that than working on the Shutdownrossi nonsense because we need more people working on LENR.

I must admit that I cannot see how one many such as Andrea Rossi is any sort of threat to something like Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. The scientific phenomenon is real and a vast amount of research and development is occurring with it. There is no way that one man could stop it by making unfounded claims.

Even if Rossi’s ecat fails to work one of the other LENR devices will. There is no way that such technological progress can be stopped by one man. Gary Wright is giving Rossi far too much credit.

The only good thing I can say about this is that maybe Gary Wright will finally force Rossi to come out and present evidence for his claims. If Mr. Wright really wanted to stop Rossi his best action would be to simply ignore him. Despite what the skeptics say Andrea Rossi is not hurting anybody.

Rossi of course is inviting these kinds of attacks by not presenting proof of his claims. If Rossi really wants to stop people like Wright all he needs to do is show us the evidence.


3 Responses to New Website Out to Stop Rossi

  • johnnymnemonic says:

    According to Rossi the name Gary Wright hides the real name of a “snake” (as he said in a few comments) ………..and I remember that the first “snake” he refers to is Mr. Krivit of newenergytimes online magazine

  • Christian Bistriceanu says:

    I think 99% has been setup by Steven B Krivit who claims to be the one “promoting” LENR and coming up with this name and it’s description. On his official website and blog he’s gone quit about Rossi for a while but. A few months back he was trashing Rossi almost every day claiming to have all the proofs and explanations on how he cheats the world with his discovery. Personally I do not think Krivit has done any favours to LENR all these years but on contrary make it look bad by describing the technology being tens of years before developing a full working product. Also, I did a lot of research on the Internet on his name and to me he looks like a full time agent paid by some oil companies or someone with very big interests in the energy industry.

  • kwhilborn says:

    The website is good advertising for Andrea Rossi. It is another website supporting LENR, and futile in its purpose.

    First of all you cannot “shut down” anybody if they are not producing anything so the website clearly admits he is doing something at least associated with LENR. Isn’t Gary Wright the bozo who wasted taxpayer money calling the florida Radiation place?

    I suppose anybody with $50 can buy a website nowadays. He is probably hoping for a sponsor but doubt he will recoup his $50. Aside from the odd curious onlooker like myself the website probably won’t generate many hits.

    It is very sad that the world has people like Gary Wright. As it is publicly publishing information he will be held to more stringent laws about what lies he chooses to tell. He was better off attacking Rossi in comment sections like this, as comment sections are not known for political accuracy.

    I hope Rossi makes some time to sue Gary Wright (disclaimer means nothing).

    Weird we have not seen Krivit trying to upset things lately. At least Krivit stands to lose his website/livelyhood if LENR takes hold.

    Hopefully it won’t be long before LENR is accepted worldwide.