New Website Provides LENR Proof and Details Rossi’s Relationship with Siemens

A  website provides called LENRPROOF.COM a lot of good information about low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion. The site contains a power point presentation put together by Tyler van Houwelingen founder of a wireless company called Mr. Van Houlelingen is a former engineer at Intel and a former consultant at McKinsey & Company who has done a good job of putting together and analyzing basic information about LENR.

He has concluded that LENR is a real proven energy creating reaction that is being scaled to commercial generating levels. Tyler believes that LENR capable of commercial power generation will probably be available by the end of 2017. He calls this High Power LENR and he stated that:

High Power LENR, once it arrives appears to be a near perfect & unlimited energy source for humanity that can be quickly rolled out worldwide.”

He also noted that nobody who has directly tested LENR in the past four years: did not produce a net energy gain. All the scientists and inventors working on LENR in recent years have produced a reaction that created energy. He also lists the LENR work that has been going on at NASA and the US Navy’s SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command).

Van Houwelingen also exposes the links between the US Navy and Andrea Rossi. He noted that one of the advisors to Rossi’s Leonardo Corp is Professor Michael Melich who part of the faculty at the US Navy’s Post Graduate School. He also noted that Paul Swanson of SPAWAR attended Rossi’s October 2011 public test of his ecat device. Van Houwelingen believes that Swanson was acting on his own at the test and not representing the Navy.

Van Houweningen also thinks that sustained power output has been obtain from LENR and that generation of kilowatts of power by the process will occur in the next few years. Interestingly enough he thinks that both the Nickel/Hydrogen and Palladium/Deuterium methods will be developed into credible power sources at some point.

One of Van Houweningen’s slides states that Francesco Celani’s portable LENR reactor produced 10 to 22 watts of excess heat at an August 6, 2012 demonstration at National Instruments’ NIWeek and at the International Conference on Cold Fusion.

Van Houwengingen also believes Rossi’s claims about his ecat device. He noted that most of the people who have seen public demonstrations are convinced of its authenticity. This list includes a number of physics professors and other scientists. Part of the reason he is convinced of Rossi’s success is that Rossi has had access to leading LENR scientists from the University of Bologna and the University of Sienna in Italy. He also pointed out that there is circumstantial evidence against Rossi.

Rossi Siemens Relationship detailed

He noted Rossi’s relationship with Siemens the biggest engineering company in Europe and pointed out that the German company is posting entries about LENR and cold fusion on its Energy Collective website.

Van Houwengingen pointed out that Siemens is purchasing Ansaldo Energia an Italian companion that builds and installs power plants and thermoelectric generators. Ansaldo representatives have apparently attended Rossi’s LENR demonstrations in the past. He also noted that Siemens has sold its investments in nuclear power and is selling its solar electricity assets, although Siemens is still very active in wind power. That would seem to indicate that Siemens management seems to think that there might be something better than solar and nuclear power out there perhaps LENR.

Siemens is keeping its water pumping business which presumably benefit from the widespread use of high power LENR. Van Houwengingen predicted that LENR will enable cheap desalination of sea water which will increase the amount of food available to humanity by making dry lands arable. This would greatly increase the demand for water pumps.

He also noted some other potential effects of high power LENR including:

  • Drive all competing forms of energy generation out of business within thirty years.
  • Create a long term sustained boom in manufacturing which would lead to a worldwide economic boom bigger than any yet seen.
  • Change taxation and undermine the power of governments.
  • Allow human beings to avoid global warming by eliminating the use of fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases.
  • Transmute metals and provide an unlimited supply of metals including gold, rare earths, and platinum. If true this would drive the mining industry out of business and make both gold and mining stocks worthless.
  • Make space travel far cheaper which could allow for private space exploration and exploitation.
  • Eliminate the use of fossil fuels for everything besides plastics, chemical manufacturing and fertilizer production.

Mr. Van Houwelingen is making some very bold assertions here but he’s also providing compelling evidence to back them up with. Every LENR advocate and critic needs to take a look at it presents a lot of good information and some very interesting speculations.


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