Next Generation Steam Engine Could Work with LENR Devices

The Cyclone Engine is a next generation steam engine that could work with low energy nuclear reaction devices such as Andrea Rossi’s e-cat technology. This technology made by Cyclone Power Technologies of Pompano Beach, Florida, uses a regenerative process to generate power from superheated steam.

Cyclone Engine Courtesy Cyclone Power Technologies

The Cyclone could theoretically work with LENR devices because it can recycle heat from other sources including stoves. A version of it called a Waste Heat Engine uses thermal energy created by other devices to create steam to make power. That means one connected to an e-cat powered heat pump or furnace could conceivably generate electricity. This is a quiet low maintenance device and it’s available right now. One problem would be that it couldn’t generate electricity while the e-cat is not functioning.

Note: the e-cat currently doesn’t heat steam hot enough to generate electricity. The Cyclone which uses waste heat could use waste heat from an LENR fusor device. E-cat inventor Andrea Rossi has stated that it will take about a year for him to make the e-cat capable of generating electricity.

The Cyclone can also burn fuel oil, propane and other fuels so it could also provide the electricity an e-cat needs to operate off of. It can burn a wide variety of fuels including pure bio diesel and bunker oil. Present day diesel and other internal combustion engines cannot burn pure biomass, Cyclone apparently can. This engine is quieter and it doesn’t need motor oil because it is self lubricating. It also needs fewer parts.


Among other things it doesn’t require a radiator, a water pump, an oil pump, fuel injector or catalytic convertor. That means it’s smaller and requires less maintenance. That would make it ideal for home generation purposes. It does not require any external cooling devices. It could also power other devices at home such as fans or water pumps

Chuk Williams shows off the frame of the US Steam Car he's building at Cyclone Power Technologies in Florida

Long term the Waste Heat Engine technology could be adapted for LENR powered vehicles. Cyclone is reportedly working with a group trying to build a US steam powered car to take the land record for steam vehicles back from the British Steam Car. The US held that record for over 90 years. It’s also working to build steam powered boats. Pictures on Cyclone’s website show steam powered generators, a steam powered lawn mower and even a steam powered weed eater.

Interestingly enough Cyclone recently acquired Advent Power Systems Inc. a company that has a military contract to develop a steam engine for US Army Tanks. The Army’s Tank Command it seems thinks that oil might be in short supply someday soon and wants to keep its Panzers rolling. Cyclone has long term plans to power cars, locomotives and ships with its technology.


Combined with LENR this could be the engine of the future. Unlike Andrea Rossi, Cyclone Energy Technologies has a US Patent. It is also issuing stock and working with venture capitalists.

It looks like our energy problems are being solved by a new generation of inventors such as Andrea Rossi and Cyclone inventor Harry Schoell even if the media and the US Department of Energy (which is in the Energy Shortage business not the energy business) don’t seem to be noticing.

13 Responses to Next Generation Steam Engine Could Work with LENR Devices

  • Ed Pang says:

    Oil in short supply? Can’t happen. That is unamerican!

  • Brad Arnold says:

    Looks like Rossi ought to partner with Cyclone the way he is partnering with National Instruments. Rossi is golden with his LENR technology, and his Midas Touch ought to extended to Cyclone next.

  • Levi says:

    According to current information from Rossi, they have placed Ecats in series and produced effluent temperatures over 800ºF. Far in excess of those required for the cyclone waste heat at the least.

  • Bob says:

    Generating electricity will be key to LENR residential success. However instead of using steam, look at the Stirling Engine. It is extremely simple, no high temp/pressure steam required and fits with LENR nicely. Old technology can sometimes find new life when enhanced with new components such as LENR!

    • jennifer says:

      Good point. I know the gas company in Britain is marketing Stirling devices that produce heat and electricity from natural gas with a boiler. I’ve seen it mentioned at Rossi’s blog.

  • Adrian Ashfield says:

    I have spoken to Cyclone Power Tech and was told that they are too busy with current orders to spend time on Rossi’s E-Cat.

    I think that is a pity, but perhaps they will change their mind once the domestic E-Cat is available.

    • jennifer says:

      Good, note that Zawodny mentioned something like this. Maybe NASA will contact them. I have a feeling they’ll listen to somebody with access to government contracts. Note they already have one.

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    • jennifer says:

      Thanks have you contacted Andrea Rossi and informed him of your technology. He might be interested. One drawback to Solar Steam is what happens when the sun goes down?

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