Rossi New E-cat Site Not Official But it Still Contains Good information

A new website does not represent Andrea Rossi and his Leonardo Corporation as has been reported. Rossi has disavowed the site and has even asked to have it taken down. The site is apparently the work of Sterling D. Allan of Pure Energy Systems News. It now contains this discaimer:

NOTICE: November 13, 2011; 12:30 pm MST
Andrea Rossi has removed his “official” designation from this site. The content herein should be considered under the editorial control of Sterling D. Allan of PES Network, Inc. and not approved by Andrea Rossi. See for chronicle (independent site).

It’s hard to know what to make of this but its obvious that some of Andrea Rossi’s worst enemies could be his own supporters. Why Allan has done this I do not know. As of 2 p.m. mountain standard time today the site is still up. Here’s what Rossi himself had to say.:

Sterling, please: all the website is not approved, please take out
from the net all the website. I have to review all of it, I continue
to receive a lot of troubles from it, instead of making my work I have
to handle all the very bad comments I am receiving! I do not publish
on the blog these comments, because I want not to polemize and expose
you, but I am totally exasperated. Take immediately all the website
out of the net, all of it is not approved!
I looked at it superficially when I said that was good, because I had
not time to read throughly and because I did not realize the very bad
problems it was going to raise. Please take it off!
I am sorry, I know you worked with honesty and enthusiasm, but it has
been my mistakem not yours, now please take it all off the net!
Warmest Regards,

Sorry for any misinformation this news broke after I had quit work for the day and turned off the computer so misinformation did appear here. Unlike some news sources we do update information.

The which claims to represent  Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation but does not is still worth visiting. Currently you can order one of the 1MW e-cat units which are capable of producing only hot water or low pressure steam.

The 1 MW e-cat plants for sale by the Leonardo Corporation, Courtesy Leonardo Corporation

The 1MW plants can be shipped anywhere in the world and Rossi claims they can operate at full power on a miniscule amount of electricity. Rossi doesn’t reveal the price at the Leonard E-cat site but states 1 kilowatt of heat costs about 2,000 Euros (about $2,716 US). Wired UK’s website has stated these units will cost about $2 million US (about €1.5 million) a piece.


At the site Rossi promises to reveal the identities of his 1MW unit customers sometime in the future. Wired has claimed he has already lined up 13 future customers. Rossi apparently sold one unit to an unnamed US customer. You can also pay for a license for e-cat technology there.

Mockup of what a 5KW e-cat water heater might look like courtesy Leonardo Corporation

The most intriguing part of the site is a section promoting a 5 kilowatt e-cat cold fusion water heater that could used for home heating or water heating. The device would generate 5 kilowatts of heat and the site promises it will be available when research is complete. The site does not say when this will be. The site’s Frequently Asked Questions page states the 5KW e-cat unit will cost about $2,500 US (About 1,841 Euros). It also notes that this is only an estimate so the actual cost could be higher or lower


The unit will need a small amount of power from the grid (or a generator) to start operating  in a self-sustained mode. The unit should be able to operate on one gram of hydrogen and less than fifty grams of processed nickel powder for about six months. A certified and trained technician will put in the powder and nickel. The cost of this servicing is not known but the FAQ page states it will be around $10 to $20 not including labor costs which would probably be around $100 US the price of the average technician’s service call in my homeland.

This picture indicates it will be possible to connect more than one 5KW e-cat water heating unit together

Another intriguing note on the site is that it mentions the possibility of powering a Stirling Engine (which runs on hot air) with an e-cat. It also notes that it might be possible to use e-cat to generate background radiation that could be collected by solar panels to generate electricity. The site also discusses the possibility of using e-cat to power a car.


This is truly exciting news hopefully the so-called mainstream media will take notice of it. There has been some coverage including false statements about Rossi recently.


The Free Energy Truth Blog falsely reported that US electronics company National Instruments which manufactures scientific instruments was the customer for Rossi’s first 1MW e-cat unit. It turns out that Rossi was really National Instruments customer, his Leonardo Corporation has purchased or plans to purchase some instruments from National Instruments as Pure Energy Systems correctly reported. That is good news because it indicates Rossi now has the funds to buy the latest technology for his experiments.


Interestingly enough former e-cat booster now critic Mark Gibbs used his column at Forbes to attack Rossi for statements made in a blog Rossi has nothing to do with. Like some other skeptics out there Gibbs is disappointed that Rossi’s e-cat didn’t magically end the energy crisis and solve the world’s problems over night. Gibbs attacks Free Energy Truth for getting things wrong then makes a blunder on his own. He states that the Leonardo Corporation does not sell cold fusion devices which it apparently does. Gibbs seems to be confusing Rossi’s Leonardo Corp with Leonardo Technologies Incorporated a New Hampshire company that has a license to sell some of Rossi’s earlier inventions generators that run on vegetable oil and other fuels. Such true believers could be Mr. Rossi’s worst enemies.


The Leonardo E-cat Website seems to indicate that the Leonardo Corporation and not AmpEnergo is marketing and licensing e-cat. How this affects AmpEnergo which apparently has a license to sell e-cat in the New World is unclear.


The bottom of the Website contains a cautionary statement for purposes of the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. That would seem to indicate that Rossi is planning to take Leonardo Corp public (sell stock) in the USA at some point. That too would be good news for prudent investors.

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