Piantelli Files International LENR Patent Application

Low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) pioneer Francesco Piantelli has filed a new international patent application for a cold fusion device. David French a Canadian patent attorney with a strong interest in LENR noticed the application and pointed it out to the Cold Fusion Now website.

International Patent Application No: PCT/IB2012/052100 was filed on November 1st with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) a United Nations agency that functions as a sort of international patent office. The patent is for a “Method and Apparatus for generating energy by nuclear reactions of hydrogen absorbed by orbital capture on a nanocrystaline structure of a metal.

The summary of the patent states that power is generated by contacting hydrogen with cluster nanostructures or crystals made of metal. In the past Piantelli has done experiments with nickel and hydrogen LENR. Some observers regard him as the creator of Nickel and Hydrogen LENR. His work in the 1990s with Sergio Focardi was apparently the basis for Andrea Rossi’s ecat LENR technology. Below is video of one of Piantelli’s associates discussing his work at Italy’s The Atom Unexplored Conference last year.

The application lists Francesco Piantelli as the inventor and Siliva Piantelli, Alessandro Meiarini, Leondardo Ciampoli and Fabio Chellini as the applicants. These are apparently partners or investors in Piantelli’s company Metalenergy or NicHenergy.

This patent is important because Piantelli is regarded as one of the top researchers in the field of LENR research. This patent is apparently the international continuation of an Italian patent filed by Piantelli and his partners on April 26, 2011. There is no evidence that patent has been granted.

This is the third LENR patent that Piantelli has filed for he filed for one patent in 1995 with Sergio Focardi and another in 2010. Focardi is now working with Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. The 1995 patent was apparently granted to Piantelli and his associates in 1995.

Piantelli currently works with nicHenergy a company based in Milan. The company has not revealed the extent of its experiments nor any results. Nor has it demonstrated any sort of LENR device.

This might be Piantelli's LENR device courtesy cold fusion & LENR CA (Canada)

It is hard to determine if Piantelli has the capability to create a working device. It also hard to see how George Miley’s US patent for an LENR process will affect this application. In addition to Miley Andrea Rossi and Robert Godes of Brillouin have US applications for LENR patents that have not been granted. Brillouin does have a Chinese patent for its LENR boiler process.

It is also interesting to note that Francesco Cellani has no patent for his process even though he has publicly demonstrated an LENR reactor. Instead Cellani is working with the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s open source LENR efforts.

A patent would help Piantelli attract financing but a working LENR device would attract far more money. Hopefully Piantelli will be able to get his patent approved because it will lend credibility to LENR.





5 Responses to Piantelli Files International LENR Patent Application

  • AlainCo says:

    A big question for me is whether Defkalion reactors is infringing that 3rd patent, since it is quite general (heat, surface nanostructure, excitation,ionization…)…

    If DGT is infringing Piantelli, and recognizing they made key innovation (with foam, plasma, control…) the best strategy would be to share the patent with piantelli… In tha cas big money and big ego might slow all .

    • jennifer says:

      Interesting point. That’s up to Piantelli’s attorneys I imagine. They might tell him that the cost of legal action isn’t justified. It’ll be interesting. I also wonder if there is some sort of connection between Piantelli and Defkalion we aren’t aware of. They are getting their scientific and technical data from somewhere. I might also note that Focardi might have grounds as well. He’s named on at least one of Piantelli’s patents.

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