Potential Benefits from Cold Fusion

With Andrea Rossi poised to test what could be the first commercially successful Low Energy Nuclear Reaction power source. I thought that it would be a good idea to make a list of the potential benefits from LENR or cold fusion.

Please note that these are potential benefits some of them might never pan out and others could be years or decades away. There are probably other benefits that I have not thought about yet.


Potential benefits from cold fusion:


  • Ending the creation of greenhouse gases that cause global warming which is a direct result of burning of fossil fuels for energy. Sorry American conservatives the scientific evidence is on Al Gore’s side. Mr. Gore is wrong about many things but not global warming.


  • Eliminating air pollution or smog which causes many health problems.


  • Greatly reducing the cost of industrial production which should cut the cost of doing business and the cost of many products for average consumers.


  • Greatly reducing transportation costs which should reduce the cost of many products including food.


A giant strip coal mine e-cat could make this unnecssary

  • Ending the need for coal mining and its high costs and the environmental damage it causes.


  • Greatly reducing the cost of food production and the cost of food.


  • Increasing the amount of water available by making desalination (turning sea water into fresh water) cheaper and easier.


  • Greatly reducing the cost of construction.


  • Greatly reducing the cost of mining and mineral costs.


  • Making electricity available to almost anybody who can afford it.


  • Ending developed nations’ dependence upon imported oil and putting an end to the huge profits dictators make from oil. This will also take away the funding extremist regimes and groups get from oil profits.

Environmental damage done by next generation oil development in Canada courtesy Boreal Songbird Iniative

  • Greatly reducing the need for oil drilling and exploration including the oil sands project in Canada.


  • Greatly reducing the need for natural gas exploration and drilling including fracking.


  • Eliminating the need for the massive and costly infrastructure that delivers petroleum products, natural gas and electricity to our homes, businesses and communities.


All of this will of course generate tremendous savings but there will be side effects. Many people could lose their jobs because of this and some people will be poorer. Most of us should be better off however.

Rossi seems to be attracting quite a bit of attention as he prepares for the October 28 test. Thomas Blakeslee’s Renewable Energy World Blog has an excellent run down on recent cold fusion developments. This includes the work being done at Brillouin and it lists the scientists who were present at Rossi’s October 6 test.


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