Renewable Energy Industry Fights to Survive Its Failure could Jeopardize LENR

Presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney at Solyndra

The so called renewable energy industry is fighting for its life. The industry has formed a group called the American Council on Renewable Energy. The council has hired a retired Navy Vice Admiral named Dennis McGinn and it has set up a propaganda website to get what it calls the facts out there.

The Council is trying to influence reporters and political decision makers. In other words it’s trying to get more of the taxpayers’ money. It’s obvious from news stories  that the real purpose of the renewable energy industry is to syphon off tax money not to create legitimate energy sources.

The industry is worried because blatant wastes of tax money like Solyndra have given it a bad name. Taxpayers and Republican politicians seem to be fed up with these wastes of money. They’re worried that Congress is about to pull the plug on their gravy train.

The really bothersome part of this is that little or no money has been spent on research into truly clean energy such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). Instead all the cash seems to have gone to flashy politically correct projects such as solar panel factories. These created a few jobs and made some money for sleazy investors who know how to write checks to Congressmen.

Even worse is ethanol which is basically a farm subsidy program designed to jack up the price of corn. That benefits a few farmers and investors at the taxpayers’ expense. Worse it hurts average people by jacking up the price of food. It’s good for agriculture but bad for you and me.

The attacks on renewable energy are both good and bad news for LENR. They’re good because some money might be diverted to LENR or hot fusion research from the renewable energy budget. A strong possibility is that the sustainable energy crowd will turn to LENR in an effort to save what’s left of its sorry reputation.

They’re bad because the press, politicians and the public are now skeptical of all alternative energy sources because of all the bad press renewable energy has created. Obviously I can’t blame them a lot of money has been wasted and nothing has come out of it.

So it’s going to be a lot harder for researchers such as Dennis Bushnell to get funding for LENR research at least from Congress. That could delay some really exciting work that could lead to real energy solutions.

The private sector does seem to be more willing to invest in such technologies. The Morgan Stanley investment bank has set up a fund to invest in sustainable energy. Hopefully this fund will take a look at the exciting work being done at companies such as Brillioun, Defkalion and Jet Energy.

One final thought here a lot of people keep accusing LENR pioneers like Andrea Rossi and Defkalion of being scam artists. Well it’s obvious that they’re not. If Rossi and the people behind Defkalion were scam artists they’d be in Washington peddling solar panels to the Obama Administration. That’s where the real money is.

Hopefully the private venture capitalists will be able to distinguish between politically correct hype and real energy solutions. It’s obvious that are political leaders cannot or will not.